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7. Mods (continued)


Although the batteries used in mods are either 3.0V or 3.7V, they can be combined (in series or in parallel and with or without regulators or resistors) to create mods with voltages of 3.7, 5, 6, 7.4, or variable. This page of ViZi’s guide lists mods by voltage and the battery(s) used.

  • 3.7V mods include the previously mentioned 10440-based Janty Stick and VP-1 … 16340-based Screwdriver … 14500-based Bartleby, ICON, and WetBox … and 18650-based Chuck, Ali’i, and JuiceBox; as well as those shown in the following photo: the CR2-based $91 Mako Minno … 18350-based $68 XS-haler … 14650-based $91 Mako Maxi … and 17670-based $80 XHaler, among many others. Particularly now, with the advent of LR atomizers enabling vaping at higher watts – and some safety concerns about stacked batteries – this is the largest group. [NOTE: Larger 3.7V mods like the Mako Maxi and XHaler often can also be used with two 3.0V batteries to achieve higher voltages.]

  • 6V mods include the $83 Prodigy V3 and $53 Copper (such as the $70 R2V2 version shown here) … and many others (including some of the “3.7V” mods). In all cases, they use two 3.0V CR2 or CR123A batteries. Many of the newer generation 6V mods incorporate safety features such as venting to address concerns about stacked batteries (although I don’t see that mentioned on the websites for these two particular models). 6V mods should be used with HV (actually high-resistance) 4.5 ohm atomizers – 8 watts power and 1.3 amps current. [See pages 1 and 5 of Part II.]

  • 5V mods are the CR123A-based $109 Joker-FV and the 5V versions of the 16340-based $119 Saber Touch, $100 GLV-2, $125 Billet (includes atty, batts, and charger), and $140 Journeyman (5V option). Like the 6V, they use two of the specified 3.0V or 3.7V batteries, but add a regulator (or resister in the case of the GLV-2 and perhaps the oh-so-similar Billet) to bring the net voltage down to 5V. See also the double 18650-based Tekk shown at the bottom of this page. Similar venting on the newer models. There are only a few 5V mods these days. For example, models such as the Prodigy V1 and V2, Genesis, Detonator, and ZiMoshi have been discontinued. [The Prodigy V3 is 6V.] It appears that they are being replaced by 3.7Vers used with LR atomizers, 6Vers used with HV attys, and by the final voltage type.

  • Some models (e.g., the $159 GG Telescopic Storm, $167 GG Double Slim, $80 XHaler) allow combination of two 3.7V batteries to reach 7.4V. These require use of ultra-HV (5.2 ohm) atomizers – 10.5 watts power and 1.4 amps current. To my mind, a more effective use of two 3.7V batteries is…
  • The newest and increasing popular voltage level available is variable, the first example of which was the double-CR123A (3.7V)-based $115 Buzz. It was quickly followed by the double-10440-based $68 (as shown) Little Sister and, more recently, the double-14500-based $75 Big Brother.

And now many existing mods are adding variable voltage as a feature, e.g., the $109 Joker-AV, $170 Ali’i (Variable Volt), $160 Multi-Voltage Dial-A-Tekk Mod, and forthcoming Precious-L V2 (price not yet determined). All of the variable voltage mods use a knob (or notch for a small screwdriver) to dial back the maximum potential 7.4V to whatever voltage level is desired – to reach that “sweet spot” unique to each combination of atomizer, e-liquid, and vaper (and vaper’s mood).

NOTE: There also is Nuck’s expensive double-18650-based $199 Fist Pack (shown below), which I would call ‘selectable’ rather than ‘variable’ voltage, since it can be switched to only four preset voltage levels within three different ranges, depending on model purchased.

The mAh of Mods

As I hope you know by now, mAh is milliamp hours, which determines how frequently a PV needs to be recharged. The approximate mAh (rounded down to even hundreds) of the batteries that are most frequently used in mods is shown in the photo (from ViZi’s guide) at the top of this page. [I do disagree with what is stated for the 16340 and 14500 batteries; they are much closer to 750 and 900 mAh, respectively. And bear in mind that even for batteries of the same designation (e.g., 18650), actual mAh depends on manufacturer, chemistry, and version.]

In almost all cases, the mAh of the device is the same as the battery used, even if there are two of them. When two batteries are stacked, the mod taxes both batteries for each vape: doubling the voltage, but not the mAh. So look at ViZi’s table of mods by battery type to assess the approximate mAh of the various mods.

  • Mods of ~300 mAh (i.e., barely more than the Kr8 and half that of the basic eGO) include all those single-10440-based devises, such as the $50 Joye Stick V3 (also available from many other suppliers at various prices), $139 Precious-S (world’s shortest slender mod), $120 Precise 10440 (world’s most slender mod), and $111 GG Slim. If small size (and/or elegant beauty) are more important to you than battery recharge frequency, get any of these (or others in the group).

  • Mods of ~400 mAh (i.e., slightly more than the above) include the single-CR2-based $91 Mako Minno and double-CR2-based devices, such as the previously shown Copper and GG Telescopic and the $67 Nautilus and $91 Mako Midi shown below. [NOTE: All other CR2 models on ViZi’s list have been discontinued.]

  • Mods of ~750 mAh (i.e., roughly the same as the basic eGO and Riva) are all those in ViZi’s long lists of single or double 16340- and CR123A-based mods, many of which we’ve already shown, as well as the single battery $70 Mini VapeStack, $99 Saber Touch Mini, $95 GLV-Mini, and $95 3.7V Billet, shown below (and the double-16340 versions of those last three mods). If a short mod providing vaping throughout a workday sounds good to you, get one in this grouping.

Mods of ~900 mAh (i.e., the same as the Mega eGO) are all those 14500-based mods that ViZi lists, e.g., the $85 BB, $100 ProVape-1, $69 VYPR, and 88 € Bulli Elite, among many others. For a mod with a wonderful balance between full daytime vaping and moderate slender size, get one of the models in this group.

  • And then we leap up to ~2400 mAh with the single 18650-based mods, e.g., the 90 € Bulli Extreme, K-Zen (not yet available), $85 Silver Bullet, and the other models from ViZi’s list previously shown. If a five-fingered PV for more than a day and night full of vaping is for you, get one of these models.

  • The $120 Tekk Mod straps two of those 18650 batteries together to deliver 4000 mAh (and 5.2V … or variable voltage in the $160 version sold by NHaler). Vape for days at HV or any voltage you like with your fist around this baby!

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