The Hottest “New” Atomizer: The 306!

October 20, 2010, reported by DonDaBoomVape

The immense and growing popularity of the Joye (and other versions of the) 306 atomizer is a unique phenomenon. Notice the quotes around “New” in the heading of this article. You see, the Joye 306 model (e.g., the Janty Mini Fogger) is at least as old as the Joye 510, which has dominated the vaping scene for well over a year.

As an atomizer/battery kit, the Joye 306 is a super-mini, with very low mAh. In fact the 306a smaller-battery version (same atomizer) shown above is only 90 mAh. I suspect that low mAh crimped the 306’s popularity for some time. I know I never gave it much attention, gathering information about it for the WWV (see Part IV, page 4) only out of conscientiousness. Also, exposed atomizers like the 306 (or M40X) have never been as popular as unexposed attys (like the 510, 801, and 901).

But, a few months ago, vapers started using the 306 atomizer (different from, but fully compatible with the 510) on their eGOs and mods and many really liked it … some even more than the 510 atty, especially for its flavor.

Then, LR 306’s became available and interest grew. [Remember: Low resistance atomizers are only for 3.7V vaping on 450+ mAh batteries.] For example, Puff loves hers. Here is VaporFlow’s demonstration of the LR 306 atomizer they sell:

And then, Cisco LR 306’s came on the scene [actually Cisco’s may have preceded the other LR 306’s; I’m not sure] and 306 drip tips … and that’s when this phenomenon really took off. Most vapers who have tried the LR 306 with drip tip are raving about it. [NOTE: I don’t know of anyone who is using the LR 306 with carts.] And Cisco’s special Nichrome wire design is getting the lion’s share of the buzz.

[Cisco is the man who invented the laser mod: the tubular counterpart to the NicoStick box mod.]

Basilray finds that Cisco LR 306 attys “give a better pop, and a warmer vape” and calls them “the future of LR atomizers!” Here’s his review:

Vapin’ Valerie especially likes the Cisco LR 306 with a clear drip tip:

[Strangely, despite the buzz, the “big name” video reviewers have not yet weighed in on the 306 atty, LR or otherwise. ?? ]

Exactly how the feel of the vape from the 306 differs from the 510 – and how the Cisco LR 306 differs from other LR 306’s – needs to be experienced. If you have a 450+ mAh 3.7V battery (e.g., fat batt or 3.7V mod) with a 510 fitting, I suggest that you spend 6 to 10 bucks and try one.

  • There also is a 1.7 ohm LR Bauway 306 atomizer from Clouds of Vapor ($8) … and a 2.0 ohm 306 atty can be had from IkenVape ($8).

You probably will want to throw in another few dollars for a drip tip. 306 cartridges are too tiny to be very effective and it is awkward to drip on the 306’s exposed bridge without a drip tip (and you don’t want to suck on that exposed bridge atty).

  • And remember the $20 combo packages (of two LR attys and one drip tip) from LiquidXpress (shown on left) and Vapor Flow (shown on right).

Check out the 306 … and let me know what you think! [I haven’t tried one yet myself. 😀 ]

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