Discount Codes

Throughout our guides and articles, we have always referenced and linked to hundreds of reputable suppliers, as any are relevant to the product being described. We love to pass along special discount codes for our site visitors to use when purchasing from the many of these excellent suppliers. This is an obvious benefit to you … and to the supplier.

We want you to know upfront that it is a sometimes a benefit to us as well (as it is to other sites which offer such codes). Please accept our assurance that we will never accept advertising or commissions from a supplier who doesn’t deserve your business … and we have not – nor ever will – let our recommendations be influenced by such financial considerations. Period!

Now that we’ve got that off our chest, we urge you to take advantage of the discount codes with these supporters and affiliates. They are some of the good guys!

Discount Codes!

Awesome Vapor discount coupon

DIY Flavor Shack 20% off discount coupon

Viper Vape discount coupon code

ECBlend 20% off coupon

Bloog MaxX Fusion discount coupon

eLiquidPlanet discount coupon

Other Great Suppliers

Happy Vaper discount coupon

Liberty-Flights discount coupon


  1. Brian says:

    ECblends is a great company from my experience. The 20% code has worked every time and they have a huge variety of juice flavors. You can also customize flavors with flavor shots, VG/PG ratio, extra flavor ect. Give them a try!

  2. Chris says:

    Tried to use the Happy Vaper 10% code, but it automatically converted it to 5% off, and only applied it to the e-liquids. Disappointed.

  3. jay says:

    Used halo code 1EEC14 2/19/12, GOT DISCOUNT

  4. KeysBum says:


    Thanks for the Discount codes. I wanted to point out that Liberty Flights offer a 20% discount always for everyone. Just click on the box on the upper left of the site.

  5. Thanks again guys for the traffic. Love it. Also… we sell everything from juice to mod parts and mods now… so if you could, please update your site to reflect it.

    Got some juices coming in… like to send some samples your way for reviews if you guys would like.

    Let me know.



    • Don says:


      Your comment doesn’t really belong here on this list of VapingGuides-arranged discount codes. I’m letting it in because you are a good supplier (whom Eric recommended in his “Why Mods” article).

      We could generate even more traffic, if you choose to become a supporting supplier. ;)

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