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Flavors – Tobacco

Do not expect an e-cig to taste and smell exactly the same as an analog cigarette (most of us feel it tastes much better), even a flavor that is named after a cigarette brand, such as those shown here.

Sometimes the names are deliberately misspelled or distorted (to avoid trademark lawsuits, I assume). Care to guess what cigarette brand these are alluding to?

[Most often, this flavor is called USA Mix (not to be confused with USA-made), Cowboy, or Western.]

Other tobacco flavors are Virginia, Flue-Cured, Cuban Cigar, French Pipe, Turkish Blend, or simply “Tobacco.”

In addition to the basic tobacco flavors are those enhanced with other flavoring, e.g., Menthol, 555 (nutty), Hilton (slightly sweet, mild spices), DK-TAB (more intense spices), and RY4 (sweet with caramel and vanilla overtones).

I like to begin my vaping sessions with a basic tobacco flavor, continue with a more complex or intense flavor like 555 or DK-TAB, and end with a sweet flavor like RY4.

BTW, I used to think that RY4 meant Rye (whiskey). No, RY stands for Ruyan, the originator of RY4 (and the first manufacturer of e-cigs). And the DK in DK-TAB stands for DeKang (the dominant e-liquid manufacturer). [TAB is Turkish American Blend, not the predecessor of Diet Coke.]

Not everyone likes (or only likes) tobacco flavor. In fact…


The following observation is provided for entertainment value only (and to provoke controversy, which is always fun 😀 ). Fledgling vapers are cautioned to avoid being guided by it (or to repeat it in the presence of other genders).

Men are from TobaccoWomen are from Sweet-Tooth

There are many exceptions, of course – which have no bearing on one’s masculinity [Gee, I hope not!] or femininity – but I do think that statement has statistical validity. [Some of the images used in this series took me a long time to track down, but the only challenge I had with the above photos was – not the Marlboro Man, that was a duh! – but choosing just one from among the thousands of photos of women eating candy. 😉 ]

Be that as it may, here now are the “sweet-tooth” and other…

Non-tobacco flavors

Everything you can think of:

  • Beverage flavors like cola, green tea, and cappuccino.

  • Candy flavors like chocolate, mint, and caramel. [Notwithstanding anti-vaping claims to the contrary, flavors like these have been developed – not to entice children – but because we adults like them.]

  • Desert flavors like cheesecake, vanilla ice cream, and … cotton candy (desert? well, I had to put it somewhere).

  • Fruit flavors like those shown here.

  • Nut flavors like almond, hazelnut, and coconut (uh, is coconut considered a nut?).

  • Floral and spice flavors like rose, jasmine, and cinnamon.

  • Herbal concoctions like Valerian Root and “lung juice” … oh, and there’s peanut butter (nothing to do with herbs, but I needed a third example, and you can’t forget peanut butter).

  • Liquor flavors like whiskey, rum, Lambrusco, champagne, pina colada, and tropical punch. [Yeah, I know, I broke my three-example pattern. I just really like this category!]

  • And some unusual flavors, e.g., bubble gum, kung pao chicken, and dragon fruit (none of which I’ve tried). [I do think that bubble gum is unwise in light of the current political climate.] UPDATE: I am sad to report that LiquidXpress has discontinued kung pao chicken. 🙁 But notice on the next page the interesting flavors carried by Decadent Vapours.

  • There is even an e-Cialis that we joke about on the forums (but is an example of the type of practice that can give e-cigs a bad rep).

So … was I exaggerating when I said everything?

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