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Don't Smoke...VapeVaping Guides is where the secrets of the electronic cigarette are revealed:  what it is … why vaping is such a fantastic alternative to smoking … which electronic cigarette model and e-liquid is right for you … where to get the best value … how to use it … and beyond.

Vaping Guides has its origins in Don’s landmark Wonderful World of Vaping.  This illustrated guide to the electronic cigarette that has helped countless smokers just like you to find the right electronic cigarette.  The Wonderful World of Vaping has been around for a few years now, but is still a thorough and humorously enjoyable introduction to the world of electronic cigarettes.

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 Building on that foundation, we have added many other sections that range from where to get the best vaping gear to miscellaneous topics regarding the use and social acceptance of electronic cigarettes.  We hope you’ll stick around and check out some of the following:

  • Reviews of many of the best electronic cigarettes, components and e-liquids on the market.
  • The Best E-Cig page is another great place to start that provides quite a number of good first choices along with a healthy dose of Don’s humor.
  • Egos and Rivas and the Mods Buyers Guide provides great information on the alternatives to cig-a-likes or electronic cigarettes that look like cigarettes.
  • The Supporting Suppliers page along with the ads on the sidebar consist of vaping product suppliers who help us pay the bills.  It has been our commitment from the beginning that we will only accept advertising from upstanding suppliers that we wouldn’t hesitate to buy from ourselves.
  • Our Favorite Suppliers list is just that, a list of suppliers that we have personally dealt with and would recommend.  This list provides a great visual representation of the range of vaping products that each vendor sells, as well.
  • Quick Hits is our Blog, with random short discussions of lots of electronic cigarette topics and current events.
  • Vapor Trails consists of a variety of topics that will help you make the most of your electronic cigarette.
  • Links to Resources will provide you with places to find any information we missed as well as join the ever growing community of vapers just like you!

It’s good to have you with us!

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