Vape Craft E-Liquid Review

Vape Craft E-Liquid
Sometimes good things do come in inexpensive packages. I was recently invited to review a couple of samples of e-liquid from Vape Craft Inc. and the first thing that jumped out at me when visiting the site was the almost suspicion inspiring price. The quality of the e-liquid that I received turn out to be a very pleasant surprise.

Vape Craft has a very well designed and responsive site that includes nice images and a fair amount of description for each flavor, along with some customer reviews. There is a good if somewhat limited selection of flavors, nearly all of which are of the food and drink type. Tobacco flavors are my preference, so Rich Tobacco was the obvious choice for me, and it turned out to be very good.

Unlike a lot of tobacco flavors out there, Rich Tobacco doesn’t try too hard to be unique in terms of added flavor notes. It’s just a good rich tobacco flavor with a hint of caramel that I found very satisfying. This is easily an all day vape with plenty of flavor while not being obnoxious about it.

When choosing some flavors, it quickly becomes obvious that all Vape Craft e-liquid is mixed 70% VG / 30% PG. As expected, the juice is a little thick, but worked fine in my atomizers that are typically used to handling a heavier PG ratio. The higher VG percentage results in a liquid that produces nice thick clouds of vapor, even a relatively low power settings. It also makes for a pleasant, smooth vape that is a nice compliment to the well crafted flavor.

I also tried the Mean Mocha flavor and it is a spot on representation of a mocha latte and is as rich and satisfying as the name would suggest. Again, there is plenty of flavor in the inhale and a slightly more of an espresso scent on the exhale, but neither is overwhelming. Vapor production is excellent with this one as well.

We’ve established that Vape Craft has good quality e-liquids and they are justifiably proud of their lineup and their U.S. manufacturing. What we haven’t mentioned is their excellent pricing. Vape Craft e-liquid is $3 for 15ml bottles and only $15 for the 120ml size! That’s some of the lowest pricing around and the shipping rates are reasonable, too.

The Vapors Anonymous line is slightly more expensive, ranging from $5.95 to $26.95, but that’s still a bargain for a 120ml bottle of juice.  This line comes in glass bottles, by the way.  The Vapors Anonymous line also includes a slightly higher 18mg nicotine level, while the Vape Craft line maxes out at 12mg.

Well crafted e-liquids at a very affordable price is a great combination and Vape Craft seems to have taken the idea to heart. Don’t be fooled by the price, these e-liquids are definitely worth a try.

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