Vapor Trails

Sub Ohm Vaping: What It Is and Why It’s Popular – An introduction to Sub Ohm vaping

Temperature Control: What it Can Mean for You – A discussion of temperature control and why you may want it

Kayfun Lite – Piece by PieceAn overview of the assembly of the Kayfun Lite

Overcoming Burnt Flavor – Some tips for getting rid of burnt hits

A Quick Power Chart – Match your voltage to your resistance

Electronic Cigarette Center  Post Adjustment – How to fix a common connection issue

DIY Beginner’s Guide – An introduction to mixing your own e-liquid

Atomizer vs. Cartomizer – What’s the difference?

Cartomizer Filling for Electronic Cigarettes – Simple filling and refilling methods

The Year in Review – 2010′s Top Ten Events in Vaping

Cartomizer Cleaning with a Syringe – an easy way to clean and dry cartomizers with a $2 oral syringe.

SmartCarts – An Improved Cartridge

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe? – safe, yes. Safer than smoking tobacco?, absolutely!

A few myths (and marketing strategies) dispelled – Don’t believe everything you hear…

Why mods? – Personal expression and higher power lead to DIY

Ecigs at the mall – There are better places to buy.  Beware of high powered marketing and overpriced ecigs

The subjectivity of vaping – Everyone has an opinion.  Yours is right!  (for you, at least)

DIY E-juice – Value and flavor – Saving money is only one reason to try DIY E-liquid, and maybe not the best one.

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