[NOTE: Really basic questions (e.g., What is: an electronic cigarette, vaping, e-liquid, PG, VG, atomizer, etc.?) are answered in Part I of the Wonderful World of Vaping V2 guide.]

Included here are answers to some of the other questions people often have about vaping. [Click on the question to see the answer.] If you don’t see your question here, Ask DaBoom & Wolf to receive a personalized answer … and/or check out kristen’s FAQ on ECF.

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  1. Don says:

    Look at the mAh to determine how long you can vape between battery charges. A regular KR808D-1 is 280 mAh, the MaxX Fusion is 320, the XL KR808D-1 is 380, The PigCig is 650, CigEasy’s Elegant (original version) is 750 mAh, and the new CigEasy XXL Elegant ($50 for a one-battery kit) is 1300 mAh.

    The PigCig and Elegants are wider PVs (~14 mm), the XL Kr8 is long, and the XXL Elegant is both.

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