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The Forums

The best places (other than of course :)) to gather with other vapers and to gather information and opinions (usually honest, often unbiased, and sometimes informed) about all things e-cig. The greatest strength of the larger electronic cigarette forums is also their greatest weakness: there is so much there that it can be difficult to find your way. [That’s why we created our site.]

  • e-Cigarette-Forum: The first, most professional, and by far the largest electronic cigarette forum. It is where DonDaBoomVape and cyberwolf hang our hats.
  • Vapers Forum: Also quite large, VF is a more freewheeling alternative, inhabited by many of vaping’s veterans (and new vapers as well) who find ECF to be staid. [Warning: Not for the thin-skinned or those uncomfortable with profanity and frequent references to women’s breasts.]
  • International Vapers Club: We just learned of this electronic cigarette forum … even though it’s been around since the summer of 2010. [Shame on us.] Seems to have a fair amount of interesting, unique content, which we are looking forward to explore. First impression of style: Both civilized and relaxed.
  • VapersPlace: Rapidly growing with an emphasis on social networking. The new “VP Live” section “is the world’s first internet [talk] radio station created by vapers for vapers.”
  • Vapor Talk: Affiliated with the Vapor Talk e-Cig Store, but a vital electronic cigarette forum in its own right.
  • nu-vapor: Very much a suppliers showcase, a very pleasant one with lots of give-aways.
  • E-Cig-Reviews Forum: A UK-based forum affiliated with Scott Bonner’s blog (see below). We’ve not yet spent much time there, but anything associated with Scott (igetcha) is A-OK in our book!

Media Sites

Videos and audios on vaping and the electronic cigarette . [See also the VP Live section of VapersPlace.]

  • VapeTV is what it sounds like: Live and recorded videos about vaping.
  • VapeTube is similar but focused on recorded videos. It has a great deal of content.
  • VaporCast contains both its own recorded audio podcasts and links to several of the electronic cigarette forums.

The Blogs

Somewhat analogous to, but with a greater emphasis on the engaging personality of the blogger and on video content.

  • The leading video personality in vaping. His slogan: “Keep On Vaping!” GrimmGreen is a charming, energetic video presence. Lots of worthwhile electronic cigarette content with an irreverent Gen Y spin. See also the link to his videos in the Video Reviewers and Tutors section below.
  • eCigology: Cooper and Gary are growing their site at leaps and bounds with a high-quality mix of informational articles and reviews (both text and video).
  • Vapenstein: Probably the cleanest-looking and one of the most attractive blogs out there … with a rapidly growing amount of well-written articles, primarily on e-liquids.
  • E-Cig-Reviews: Scott Bonner’s (igetcha) site: primarily a categorization of his wealth of excellent electronic cigarette review and tutorial videos (see below). Also check out the Discount Codes.
  • Taste Your Juice: The print companion to Phil Busardo’s excellent video reviews

Vaping Organizations

Electronic cigarette Industry associations and groups fighting to protect our right to vape, many deserving of your participation and support.

  • CASAA: The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association
  • National Vapers Club: both a network of local vaping clubs and an electronic cigarette advocacy group.
  • Vapers International: “a research group that works with international doctors and scientists to write and conduct studies on nicotine vaporizers and the liquid used in them.” Appears to be closely affiliated with NVC.
  • Vapers Network: “a group of people who are working to improve communication and access to support for users of personal vaporizer.” A lot of information.

Video Reviewers and Tutors

An extremely valuable (and enjoyable) way to learn about and get a feel for the products reviewed … and for vaping in general. Many also do video tutorials on aspects of vaping. There are scores of vapers who express their opinions on video these days; the following are among the best, most popular, and/or most prolific … representing a broad range of styles:

  • GrimmGreen: The leading Yank. One of the first and most prolific; covers all the bases – electronic cigarette hardware, e-liquid, commentary, some tutorials, and, most of all, enthusiasm. GrimmGreen gives you a good feel for what’s being reviewed.
  • igetcha (Scott Bonner): The leading Brit. Similar comments to above, but with an emphasis on professionalism and clarity, rather than charismatic personality. Scott provides an in-depth understanding.
  • Doctor Vapor: Another engaging screen presence; kind of a Baby Boomer GrimmGreen. Lots of tutorials, including his great new E-Cig 101 series.
  • Mainely Vapor: “sl1pg8r, call me slip” aka Jason is another new vaper (Gen X this time) who has burst onto the scene with intelligent reviews of e-liquid and mods, delivered in an engaging, brisk style. [Translation for Baby Boomers like me (Don): “sl1pg8r” = “Slip Gator.”]
  • MoobyGhost: The Orson Wells of vaping. “That Guy With The Fedora” was a major presence in the second half of 2009; has faded from the spotlight since then. Still a lot of valuable electronic cigarette content.
  • phee303: The Gen Y techie approach; primarily mods. Many videos, but strangely absent from the forums.
  • Basilray: One of the newer reviewers on the scene. Also primarily e-liquids.
  • pbusardo: Even newer than Basilray, he also delivers illuminating reviews of e-liquids and cartomizers with an extremely enjoyable presentational style.
  • hifistud: The hilarious Brit Boomer. If you’re a Yank like us, you may have occasional difficulty understanding his thick accent, but you won’t care. He’ll show you how to “drippity drippity drip Personal Inhalation System Solution into the atomanitamanizer.” Occasional use of naughty words.
  • Leaford (Dan Henschel): 2008/2009 – a guru of all things vaping. 2010 – KR808D-1 cartomizers and China manufacturing as Vapor4Life’s VP Product Development.
  • AmajNN: primarily mods; presents them well.
  • truelove: Well done, close-up visual demonstrations of electronic cigarette mods, accompanied by music (often mellow, which Don likes).
  • Nikko Daniels: High-energy, professional presentations (not so much “reviews”) with good production values, primarily of smaller models.
  • Mr Smoke (Carl Jones): A rapper’s take on vaping.
  • Bornagainst: An articulate, laid-back Canadian view of vaping.
  • smokie: Another Boomer, this time from The Sopranos school of vaping; primarily e-liquids. Extremely prolific starting in the spring of 2010.

Reviewers (with whom we are not yet familiar) recommended by site visitors:

  • Vapin’ Valerie: Because of youth and gender, we are reminded of MistressNomad. Valerie’s presentation is more geared to seasoned vapers.

Other Resources

The following just scratches the surface of the valuable information about vaping available on ECF and other websites:

  • e-Liquid-Database: ViZi’s outstanding compendium of juice (by continent of the creator). In each case, he provides basic facts about the offerings, e.g., bottle sizes, nicotine strengths offered, number of flavors (tobacco and other), PG and/or VG, cost per ml, and supplier links. Although some brewers are missing (e.g., our personal favorite, Backwoods Brew), this is the most comprehensive listing we know of.
  • E-Liquid Cost-per-ml: candre23’s list of electronic cigarette e-liquid suppliers (with links to their sites), sortable by large-bottle cost, sample-bottle cost, or shipping cost. An invaluable tool for the thrifty juice shopper … and a useful supplement to the above.
  • The Electronic Cigarette Buyer’s Guide: Perhaps the simplest intro to electronic cigarettes, perfect for a first time buyer.
  • The Fabulous Five-Ten: Don’s three-part illustrated guide to the Joye 510 model, produced for NHaler, but most of the content is supplier-independent. Here are direct links to Part 2 and Part 3 (which includes several tutorial videos).
  • A VaporKing User Guide: Birdy’s illustrated guide to the KR808D-1 two-piece electronic cigarette, cartomizer-based e-cig, produced for supplier, Vapor4Life, but applicable to all KR808D-1’s.
  • The Nebula Electronic Cigarette: Don’s illustrated guide to the Nebula-branded KR808D-1 electronic cigarette model, produced for supplier, VaporNine, but most of the content is supplier-independent.
  • eCigarette Mods Database: ViZi again, this time with the comprehensive database of mods (also including what Don calls “Fat Batts”). If you have the slightest interest in a PV with a greater capacity than a mini e-cig, you must explore this website.
  • Volts-Ohms-Watts TableRalph T’s and Candre23’s tabular presentation of the watts (i.e., the power or intensity of the vape) resulting from a battery’s voltage (volts) and an atomizer’s resistance (ohms). NOTE: 6-8 watts typically is considered to be the “sweet spot.”
  • Volts/Ohms/Watts/Amps Online Calculator: Enter any two values and it calculates the other two. Fills in the gaps in the above table and also calculates amps (i.e. current). NOTE: The higher the amps, the greater the chance of burning out an atomizer.


  1. Mark Jenkins says:

    Awesome list of resources you’ve got here… I was looking for a list like this before, glad to have found it now. Also, I’m glad you posted as the first! I particularly loved participating and browsing the posts there(I’ve learned alot just by reading their posts!)… I know anyone will surely find this post of yours very useful.. Thanks again for sharing!

  2. Nick Orlando says:

    One of the best sites for vaping resources is listed here Electronic Cigarettes

  3. eDripping says:

    Hi, folks!

    I was wondering if you would consider adding a link to on this page. I have been running eDripping since late 2010, and my website provides a great deal of information about electronic cigarettes in addition to hardware and e-liquid reviews.

    Take care,

    Jack Keenan

    • Don says:

      We’re going to have to think about this, Jack. On the one hand, you review and recommend Halo, ProVape, and Volcano: suppliers we respect (and not because they advertise with us). On the other, you also recommend SafeCig: a brand we would urge our readers to avoid.

      • Jack Keenan says:


        Although I did recommend Safe Cig in the past, I removed my recommendation when the company’s BBB accreditation was revoked. While I found the Safe Cig Micro to be an excellent performer in its size range, the company’s disbarment from the BBB indicates that an extremely high number of customers have had poor customer service experiences.

  4. JA Drift says:

    It would be great to see my blog on the list Thanks.

    • Don says:

      You’ve got some good content there, JA. But a lot of your site is geared to mass marketed brands that we would not recommend. For now at least, we’d like to leave it with the link included in your comment.

  5. Brett C. says:

    We have a blog relating to tips and tricks for using electronic cigarettes and accessories.

    You can find our blog at

    Please leave us a note if you get a chance.

    You might also want to check out for some great articles and information relating to electronic cigarettes and e-liquid.

    • Don says:

      Thanks, Brett!

      As for your other post, please contact me at, if you would like to promote your retail sales website here on Vaping Guides.

    • Brett C. says:

      Just wanted to let everyone know that shortly after my first post here, we had the blog completely re-designed and our blog has actually moved. The new blog can be found at

      Sorry for the confusion guys, we hope that you can find some articles here that are of interest to you! Thanks!

      • Don says:

        Thanks for the update, Brett. I’ve approved the publishing of your comment here, but don’t think it is appropriate to add your blog to our list of resources … because it is so closely affiliated with your store. Hope you understand.

  6. Mech says:


    Just came across your site. Love the content and feel of this place. I was wondering if it’s possible to get my site listed on this resource list as well?

    I’m also on youtube. If you check out my url, you’ll see my youtube channel “ecigaddict” there.

    Thanks guys and happy vaping!

    – Mech

  7. Stuart Brunn says:

    Hey Don,
    I see this site and quite like it. I am amazed that I haven’t been mentioned here as I have been reviewing on youtube for over a yr now. I also have a show on Elixir TV and don’t even see them here. Thats bogus in my book. I also am on ECF(Moderator) and know to well how some people who do reviews (in MHO, asking for $ or begging as I see it) is just crap. I have pd for 95% of my things I have reviewed (except when I get some eliud to review with out my knowledge) in the mail. I may not be able to pay for a lot (since being disabled and on a fixed income), but I also don’t beg for anything free from suppliers (thats just so tacky.. LOL).
    So, please chk out my reviews and if you feel I’m do a good enough job to be here, Thank you very much. 🙂
    If not, pls let mek now what I can do to be better so as I may be of even more service and value to the Vaping Community.
    I still think you and a few others are very good. But I don’t think anyone who asks or begs for $ to do reviews should be here or anywhere. Just MHO.
    Here is my YT Reviews:
    Thanks and Vape On!

  8. daath says:

    How about a link to the e-liquid recipe database/calculator? 🙂 It will be great when it takes off 😀

  9. Kevin says:

    Put a banner up for ya in the link section of vapersplace :).

  10. Sharon King says:

    Just go to this place, its got a whole directory of electronic cigarette places.

    • Don says:

      Sharon, that site appears to be just banner ads. While we certainly have banner advertising on our site, that is not the essence of VapingGuides or of the above resources.

  11. Puff says:

    Thanks for the link guys. Will def link ya back. <3

    • Don says:

      Yeah … but will you say how pretty my avatar is? 😀

      Actually, I do want to seriously acknowledge that it wasn’t until I really explored your blog that I realized how much substance is there. For example, check out the “Puff loves hers.” link on this page: Your article was an important research resource for mine. Thanks!

  12. Michael says:

    Throw up VapinValerie youtube channel. Love her reviews!

  13. TheGreen says:

    Check me out and maybe I can be added to the list. If I am worthy…….lol.

  14. Bornagainst says:

    Appreciate the link here, I had no idea.

    Great work fellas! Keep it up, and let’s keep folks vaping happy!


  15. Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic post.Thanks Again.

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