Vaping Guides was started in 2010.  Yep, it’s been that long ago.  In the history of vaping, that qualifies as the good ol’ days.  Actually, probably not so good ol’ days, since vaping then was limited to cigarette looking devices, a few higher power mods and whatever you could build in your garage.  100 watt sub ohm box mods were not even in the collective imagination yet.

So there’s a lot of content on Vaping Guides that was extremely relevant and helpful way back when, but may not be the best advice today.  Some of it still applies and much of it is still a good read even if it’s a little dated.  Rather than throw it away, I thought an archive would be a good place for it.

Welcome to the past…

The Wonderful World of Vaping 

The “Best” Electronic Cigarette

Egos and Rivas

Mods Buyers Guides

Funny Vaping Videos

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