There’s so much here! Where do I start?

That depends on your knowledge of vaping (if you don’t know what that is, start at the beginning) … on your interest level (mildly curious or rabid enthusiast) … and current intent (buy your first e-cig or optimize your third mod).

  • If you’d like to learn a little bit about what all this e-cig stuff is: check out Part I of the WWV Guide.
  • If your concern is where to get all these neat thingies: visit our Favorite and Supporting Suppliers … or just click on any of those banners.
  • If you want to interact with other vapers in the forums, watch video reviews, or explore additional resources: check out the links.
  • If you need to soak up everything you can about this amazing new phenomenon: dive into all six parts of the WWV Guide and continue on from there.

Wherever you begin, keep checking back in with us to experience the new features we are continuing to add.

Enjoy the adventure!


  1. tonya dumas says:

    how do i know what stenght to buy for an e cig? i smoke 1 pack day marlboro ultra lights i dont want to spend 40-65 dollars n not like my level of nicotine?

    • Eric says:

      18mg would probably woek out well for you, although you may want to get an initial bottle of 24mg just to make sure you have something strong enough to satisfy you when you first switch.

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