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As previously mentioned, the Achilles Heel of analog-shaped e-cigs is the frequent recharging of the batteries. Most starter kits include two batteries (and a wall and/or USB charger), so you can charge one while you are vaping with the other. When you don’t have access to the charger:

1. With your computer or laptop, you can use a USB Passthrough (PT) available for most skinny battery models.

This provides a constant (and often higher voltage) charge to the atomizer, so no recharging is ever required. [Direct passthroughs provide up to 5V; those with an inline battery provide 3.7V.] It looks, feels and operates like the battery on a portable e-cig, just with a slender cord coming out the end plugged into a USB port on your computer. Most PTs are manual switch, although there are some auto switch models.

A PT can be plugged into a wall outlet (delivering a full 5V) using a high-ampere adapter like this 2 amp AC to USB Adapter from MadVapes ($9.50, currently on sale for $7) and MyVaporStore ($11) … or a different model that does the same thing from IndyVaporShop (for $11). They will work with any PT (or USB charger) out there.

2. When you are out and about, you can use a PCC (Personal Charger Case), available for most skinny battery models. It charges one of your batteries and holds an additional atty and several cartridges (or two cartomizers).

The PCC is your on-the-go battery charger. When the battery you are vaping with poops out, you just swap it for the freshly recharged one – even when you are away from a power outlet. So, every hour or three (depending on the battery’s mAh and on how heavily you vape), you open the PCC in your shirt pocket or purse and switch batteries. [Quite similar to removing an analog cigarette from a pack and lighting it.] This will keep you going all day and evening long. Charge the PCC itself while you sleep.

3. On the road, you can charge your extra battery using a Car Charger.

And to charge your battery or use a passthrough on the road, you can use a 2 amp Car to USB Adapter, available from MadVapes for $9.50 (on sale for $7), MyVaporStore for $9, and VaporKings for $13. It will work with any PT or USB charger out there.

Other types of accessories (such as lanyards, carrying cases, storage containers, and adapters for connecting different models of batteries and atomizers to each other) will be covered in Part VI.

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