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Most of the those tobacco and non-tobacco flavors (and myriad others) are carried by many of the scores of suppliers participating in the forums. myFreedomSmokes has one of the largest selections of China-made e-liquid. Supplier links for the more unique flavors (other than e-Cialis) have been provided on the previous page. Also see the bottom of this page.

The creator/supplier of perhaps the most esoteric (and rather expensive) e-liquid (e.g., Absinthe, Ylang Ylang, Roast Beef, etc.) is Decadent Vapours, based in the UK. It appears that they have closed their shop, however DV’s offerings now are sold by Totally Wicked* (US, UK).

* Bonus: Anything you order from TW will be imprinted with their trademark logo – a red devil’s head – which some find appealing … others, not so much. [I’m somewhere in between. I have used TW atomizers … but not in the presence of corporate clients.]

China Juice or Made in the USA/UK?

The Past

Prior to 2010, virtually all e-liquid was manufactured in China by a handful of companies (mainly DeKang Biotechnology) and sold by Chinese suppliers or exported to the west. I order China-manufactured juice from the least expensive US or China supplier who carries the flavors I like. [NOTE: Chinese suppliers usually have the best prices, but then their shipping costs are very high. Good for large orders.]

Most (but not all) of the western-produced e-liquid [‘western’ = North America and Europe, not cowboys] had been simply LorAnn flavoring mixed with base PG or VG (and China-produced nicotine) and sold at what I regard to be highly inflated prices.

The best of that group combined more than one LorAnn flavor (and other mysterious flavors) to create unique and tasty concoctions, e.g., NHaler’s “lung juice” mentioned on the previous page, Ms. T’s Bakery, and Walrus’s Mad Scientist’s Laboratory.

A very few (e.g., ECOPure and Decadent Vapours) started from scratch and created something truly special, which I would be unable to do with my own limited DIY supplies (and talent). [DIY = Do It Yourself.] Those (and the immediately above) may be worth the prices charged.

I was very impressed with what the Chinese manufacturers created. For example, how do they extract both subtly different tobacco flavors and controlled amounts of nicotine from tobacco leaves? I doubt any DIYer can replicate that. [And what the heck are the ingredients in RY4 (or RY1, 2, or 3 for that matter)?]

But 0mg Butter Rum e-liquid? Nah! Even I can do that. [And I have; it’s really inexpensive and easy … and it tastes good! (All credit to LorAnn.) More on this in the DIY section of Part VI.]


This year, there has been an explosion of e-liquid made in the US by a great many independent mixers (now including tobacco flavors as well), often sold at reasonable prices. And most of what I’ve tried is quite delicious.

Some of those new e-liquid creators are Alien Visions, Backwoods Brew, Cignot’s BASIC line, FreedomSmokeUSA [10% discount code: VGFSU10], Gourmet Vapor, Halo, NHaler, Tasty Vapor, Vapor Bomb, VapeRite, Vapor Station, and Viking Vapor.

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