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5. Cigars and Pipes

If you are a cigar or pipe smoker, the obvious choices are e-cigars and e-pipes … and there are some. However, there seem to be a dwindling number of suppliers. I get the sense that the heyday of e-cigars and e-pipes may have come and gone (supplanted by the mods and fat batts). [If that statement provokes protests to the contrary – good. The more spirited discussion about various model choices, the better. It’s what makes our subculture so vibrant.] The models include:


  • The 148 mm DSE701 Cigar from Canada’s Happy Vaper [10% discount code: VGHV10] and China’s BigBox Store (with which I am unfamiliar), described in some detail (and with a many great photos) in this Electronic Smokers Magazine article … and the virtually identical RN4062 from LiteCigUSA and dietSMOKES. [Those RNs do sometimes seem to be copycats, don’t they? Although some of them have important differences.]

If you squint, I suppose you could say those look something like a cigar. πŸ˜‰ [Actually, I think the eGO (with Mega battery and Mega cartomizer) described on the next page looks even more like a cigar.]

These e-cigars are about the same price as a typical e-cig, but the atomizer tube (which also contains the battery) is more than twice the price of an e-cig atomizer. The generic rechargeable 3.7V, 320-360 mAh 10440 battery (that goes inside that tube) costs about half the price of a typical e-cig battery. So it balances out.

There are no model-specific discussion forums for the e-cigars, but tinstar15 reviewed the DSE701 on ECF and you can search in VF or ECF for either of the model numbers or “cigar” to learn more. The DSE701 is reviewed and demonstrated here by Scott Bonner (igetcha69):

  • Heaven Gifts carries the more expensive RUYAN e-cigar, about which I know nothing.

  • The much more expensive Greentech G120 Cigar from NHaler, which (along with the next two models shown) actually looks like a cigar.

And then there are the disposable e-cigars:

  • Heaven Gifts carries the RUYAN No.1 disposable e-cigar, which (at $20.50 each + China shipping) rivals the priceyness of the Greentechs below.

It is reviewed and demonstrated here by Raoul (asidrave):

  • At $25-28 per stogie, the Greentech G100 and G201 Mini Disposable Cigars from NHaler are (like the RUYAN) is too expensive for my budget. [The G201 shown on the right is half the size of the G100 on the left.] You know, I think I see a pattern. Greentech (which also offers that expensive Greencig counterpart to the Kr8 e-cig discussed in Part IV) positions itself as the Rolls Royce (or at least Lexus) of PVs. And, like a Rolls Royce or Lexus, if you can afford it, go for it!


  • The 156mm DSE601 E-Pipe from LiteCigUSA, Happy Vaper [10% discount code: VGHV10], Heaven Gifts, and EastMall really does look just like a pipe. It is about 50% more expensive than the typical e-cig. The e-pipe’s atomizer is the bowl of the pipe and costs around $40 to replace.

The bowl also contains the generic rechargeable 3.7V, 900 mAh 18350 battery.

Find out more about pipe vaping in ECF’s DSE 601 *Pipe* forum. Here is Raoul’s (asidrave) review:

  • The RUYAN rose wood e-pipe from Heaven Gifts comes in at the luxury end again, rivaling Greentech’s entry in cost.

  • And here’s Greentech with their G500 pipe from NHaler – more than three times the price of the DSE601.

  • The 110 mm RoyalSmokers’ RS888 Mini Pipe (aka “Lady” Pipe) carried by SmokeJuice in the UK is, of course, smaller than the above and slightly less expensive, but is a bit difficult to find. Video reviewers have panned it, but some users like it (although they complain about its battery life). I’ve read that it uses a penstyle atomizer, but confirm that by exploring the Mini Pipe ECF forum.

Here is GrimmGreen‘s demo and review:

  • Kanger also has a mini pipe: the KR608A, carried by Heaven Gifts. Here it is shown in black.

[Good news for those (like me) on a budget: I don’t think there is a Greentech version of the Mini Pipe.]

So, several choices for pipe and cigar smokers. However, since you are used to smoking something much larger than and doesn’t look anything like a cigarette – and if you are willing to be somewhat flexible –

I urge you to consider the final two categories…

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It also contains the generic rechargeable 3.7V, 900 mAh 18350 battery.

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