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6. The Fat Batts

This is the newest category of personal vaporizer, created and named by yours truly (i.e., the category; I had nothing to do with PVs themselves). Initially, most vapers thought of the first model as a “Mod” (the next and final category). However, battery mods are housings for generic batteries. The models in this category have unique batteries. In January 2010, I predicted there would be other models with such fatter batteries; thus my tentative name for the category. [Referring to other models as “eGO-like” is becoming increasingly awkward.] And it seems that my crystal ball was crystal clear – new models and enhancements are coming out almost weekly … and the fat batts may now be the most popular of all types of PVs!

The fat batts (more expensive than most standard models) cancel out the major weakness of those skinny e-cigs (puffs per battery charge) with their 650-1300 mAh manual switch batteries. And, because of that extended battery life, you won’t need a PCC or PT, so the total price is no more than a skinny batt. [NOTE: Although virtually all of the following photos show black units, the eGO/Tornado and Riva also are available in several other colors.]

The Basic 510-based Fat Batts

  • The Joye eGO (aka Tornado) was the first of the Fat Batts and is the most popular (and most expensive). It is designed for the single most popular atomizer, the Joye510 (as are many other fat batt models), with an accompanying sleeve for the atty and a light ring in the center. The result is a PV 118 by 14 mm. [NOTE: Use of the eGO battery with the Joye 306 atty (especially LR) is becoming increasing popular.]

[photo courtesy of Ecig-Mag (French)]

The battery of the basic version is 650 mAh – significantly greater than any skinny e-cig battery (even the XLs and Megas) … and it is greater than the wimpier mods at 340 mAh (they look neat with all those lights, but at ~$100?). The voltage, however, is only 3.4V: slightly more than the 3.2V Joye 510, but less than the 801, 901, or especially the 3.7V Kr8.

The eGO is so popular that all the videographers have reviewed it. It’s difficult to choose just one to show here. I’ve selected a reviewer I’ve not called on before: Australian dBN – AussieVapers:

The eGO/Tornado is now available from almost any supplier. Retail price is $74, but look for sales at prices around $60 that sometimes are available from suppliers like Rocky Mountain Vapor, LiteCigUSA, Cignot, Domestic Vapor, NHaler, Totally Wicked, or Heaven Gifts (China).

As wonderful as the eGO is, however, I recommend either the enhancements mentioned further below … or three other models (which are less expensive and greater capacity):

  • The somewhat larger and less streamlined 1300 mAh ~3.6V Hello 016 ($35 with regular 510 atty and no cone from Digital Ciggz; $10 to $20 more with integrated cone/atomizers from LiteCigUSA, AZ Smoke Free, NHaler and MadVapes). [NOTE: The Hello 016 comes with only one battery, but it will last all day and evening and you can charge it while you sleep.] In his inimitable style, Mr. Smoke (MrSmokeification1) reviews the Hello 016 that he received from Clouds of Vapor (which no longer carries it).

  • More recently, Volcanoecigs has come out with the $60 INFERNO, which includes both a 650 mAh passthrough battery and a 1000 mAh “ultra” battery (as well as one atomizer and two cones).

Here is Bigicedog’s enthusiastic review:

Fat Batts based on other atomizers

  • KR808D-1 supplier, CigEasy, was the first to come out with a fat batt for an atomizer other than the 510: The Elegant Easy for Kr8 cartomizers and 901 atomizers. At 750 mAh, it is a direct counterpart to the Riva, but with a cone shaped for Kr8 cartomizers. I’m not sure that anyone has accurately determined the Elegant’s nominal voltage. As an Elegant owner, I’m sure that it is at least the eGO’s 3.4V, but less than 3.7V. Available for $70 in black or brushed gold.

For more on the Elegant, read my review on ECF. As I state there, I especially like using the Elegant with my LR 901 and 801 atomizers, shown below in my own blurry photo. [The latter requires an adapter and prohibits the use of the cone; it may look a little weird, but it produces a smooth vaping experience.]

  • VaporNine followed with the Defender. It might be somewhat different than the Elegant (and may even be from a different manufacturer), but the specs and appearance seem to be identical (although the Defender is available only in black).

  • EastMall followed its Riva (510) with the Riva-901. It seems to be simply the Riva with fitting for the 901 atty rather than 510. Unlike the Elegant and Defender, it is not intended for Kr8 cartomizers. The Riva-901 is available from EastMall of course and from Liberty-Flights (for an amazingly low $37.50?) and Liberty-Flights-UK (for £43). [Either the US dollar/British pound exchange rate has gone topsy turvy or that U.S. price shown on their website is incorrect.] And remember the L-F 10% discount code is VGLF10. It’s shown here in one of the four available colors: titanium (which looks very much like the Elegant’s brushed gold).

Enhancements to the eGO

Since the eGO first was introduced by Janty and Totally Wicked (Tornado) in late 2009 – and stimulated perhaps by competition from the Riva and Hello 016 – larger batteries, atomizers/cartridges, and cartomizers have been made available.

Mega Batteries

  • The Mega Tornado battery (available only from Totally Wicked – US and UK) is 1000 mAh and an additional 12 mm longer. Cignot also carries the same 1000 mAh battery (under the name eGO). [The extra 100 mAh is not worth that additional length IMO.]
  • I see that VaporHeads sells a 1300 mAh “J510 Mega eGO” kit for only $60 (including two batteries) – the same capacity as the Hello 016, but longer and more slender.

I know nothing about it, although I doubt that it is a Joye product (despite the “J” in “J510”). Josh (Vaporheads) demonstrates it for us:

Mega Atomizers/Cartridges and Cartomizers

  • Shortly after the Mega/XL batteries, Joye released (initially through Janty and Totally Wicked in North America and Europe) Mega atomizers and accompanying high-capacity (2+ ml) cartridges specifically for the eGO. These Mega eGO attys and carts are available from most of the above Mega eGO/Tornado battery suppliers.

This results in a PV looking like this. [Both for balanced performance (all-in-one all-day vaping) and aesthetics, I prefer the eGO cart/atty on the Mega battery.]

Along with the following eGO cartomizers, these are the new e-cigars (my designation, not official). They are demonstrated by zippolini1:

  • There is also a cone-shaped eGO atomizer (requiring its own accompanying 1.5 ml-capacity cartridge) shown in the middle of this photo. Its cartridge capacity and appearance are a cross between the 510 atty with cone and the cylindrical eGO atty. They are carried by Cignot, Electronic Stix, Happy Vaper [10% discount code: VGHV10], and Heaven Gifts, all of whom also carry the cylindrical style.]

  • Simultaneous with the release of the eGO atomizer and cartridge, Joye brought out the 2+ ml-capacity eGO cartomizer: a similar shape to the cylindrical eGO atty and cart, but shorter. It is shown in the center of this photo on a 900 mAh Mega eGO battery. Most of the aforementioned suppliers carry it.

From what I’ve read, it seems to be even more popular than the eGO atty and cart … although, to my eye, it looks cumbersome to fill.

Refilling steps:
1. Move the plastic caps away from the cartomizer one after another by a needle-like object. You also need to tear the thin film over the injecting hole at the first time.
2. Slowly and carefully inject about 1.8ml e-juice into the cartomizer through the injecting hole. Do not overfill it, otherwise the e-juice might leak out.
3. Put 2 small caps and rubber things back to their place, spin the cartomizer a few times, so that the e-juice inside could be distributed better.
4. Put it aside for a few minutes, clean the mouthpiece and threads, and then screw it onto the eGo battery full of power. Enjoy it!

I think Thehifistud explains it best. 😀

His demonstration of the eGO cartridge on AltSmoke’s Omega mod is a nice segue to our next and final category…

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