GS V-Core III Review

GS V-Core IIIUnlike most reviews you’ll find here, with this one you may be just as well served to stop with the first paragraph. ¬†The V-Core III from GreenSound just doesn’t break that much new ground. ¬†The important thing is that it doesn’t break the bank either. ¬†At $9.99 from Smoktek and replacement coil heads at only $1.68,¬†you don’t really need to read any further. ¬†The V-Core III is well worth just buying one to try out.


The outward appearance of the V-Core III is reminiscent of the original Aerotank¬†from Kanger¬†without the¬†airflow control. ¬†It’s just a simple square shouldered tank, although it is finished in a bright chrome.

Under that finish is a functional design that, if not ground breaking, certainly meets nearly all of the requirements for a modern tank with ease. ¬†The 3.0ml tank section is actually made up of three¬†separate components that can be disassembled for easy cleaning. ¬†The Pyrex glass tube is held between metal top and bottom portions¬†that are screwed together by the center tube. ¬†Unscrewing them actually takes a little bit of force due to the compressed gaskets at either end, and that¬†should do well to prevent leakage. ¬†Overall it’s a good design that should hold up well.GS V-Core III Parts

The bottom cap is pretty standard for a bottom coil tank.  It unscrews easily unscrew it from the base for filling and changing the coil.  The connector is a standard 510 and does sports spring loaded center pin to ensure a good connection with a wide variety of devices.  The drip tip is also a pretty standard 510 style, although it is a little thin.  Most replacement drip tips should fit fine if you feel the need to change it, however.GS V-Core III


My most important testing parameter is whether a tank is fill-and-vape ready and this one is. ¬†It’s advisable to drip a few drops directly on the coil to get things nice and saturated, but beyond that, just fill the tank and get a satisfying vape on the first inhale.GS V-Core III

I’m pretty impressed with the flavor and vapor production of the V-Core III, and a “for the price” caveat isn’t really necessary. ¬†The included 2.0 ohm coil vapes quite nicely at 10 watts, or around 4.5 volts, even when competing for desk space with some higher end tanks. ¬†The 2.0 ohm coil should¬†provide a good vape with many of the variable voltage batteries on the market.GS V-Core III

The draw on the V-Core III is pretty much exactly what I like. ¬†It’s too tight for a direct inhale, but just right for a mouth to lung inhale. ¬†With no air flow adjustment, you’ll either like the draw or not, but it seems to be one that should satisfy most vapers.

After running a couple of tanks through the tank, I remain impressed with its performance.  I have gotten absolutely no burnt hits from it and the flavor and vapor production are good from the beginning to the end of the tank.


This one is pretty easy. ¬†Whether¬†you’re a beginning vaper or a veteran that just needs a cheap tank,¬†the V-Core III is $10 well spent. ¬†It doesn’t have some features that you’d expect on a more expensive tank, but it performs quite well. ¬†It would make a perfect option for the budget minded first time vaper.

The V-Core III used in this review was provided by Smoktek and we are grateful for the opportunity to try it out.

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