iTaste MVP 3.0

iTaste MVP 3.0Looking for a little more functionality from your electronic cigarette?  The MVP 3.0 builds on the portable battery charger capabilities of the original MVP, with more power output, better battery life and a little more convenience.  It all comes at the expense of size and weight, however.


There’s not a lot to say about the outward design of the MVP 3.0  The flat sides and right angles are clean and efficient if perhaps a little lacking in appearance.  The body is available in four colors and is bordered by chrome on the top and bottom.  The result is a little blocky, but feels extremely solid and well built.  There is not a rattle or flex to be found.iTaste MVP 3.0 Kit

A large fire button and two adjustment buttons are found on one side along with a bright, very readable display.   The fire button  also turns the device on and off with three rapid clicks.  + and Рbuttons are used to adjust the wattage or voltage and holding + or Рin combination with the fire button switch between variable wattage and variable voltage mode respectively.  iTaste MVP 3.0

Pressing + and Рat the same time displays battery voltage, atomizer resistance and puff counter since last turned off.  Output power, resistance and a battery charge graphic are also displayed any time the fire button is pressed as well.  Both wattage and voltage are displayed, with the current setting in large font and the corresponding output in a smaller font.  It is all presented in a large, easy to read white on black display.iTaste MVP 3.0 Display

A micro USB port is just below the adjustment buttons for charging the device.  I like the side placement of the charge port, as it allows the device to stand upright while charging.  The MVP 3.0 can be used while charging to eliminate downtime.

The top of the MVP 3.0 doesn’t hold any surprises. ¬†A standard 510 fitting and a battery indicator are the only details. ¬†The 510 connector does feature a springloaded pin, ensuring a good connection no matter what is attached. ¬†An adapter is also included for compatibility with eGo style toppers. ¬†The battery indicator is somewhat less functional and is pretty much unnoticeable under normal conditions. ¬†I actually assumed it was just a vent until I used it in dark conditions. ¬†It lights up in green, yellow or red to indicate remaining charge.iTaste MVP 3.0

The bottom is where the real interesting feature of the MVP 3.0 resides.  As with the earlier MVP, a standard USB port is set into the chrome base for the attachment of a charging cable.  Surrounding that, however is a small rubberized micro USB cable that fits securely in the base when not in use.  The cable can be used to charge a phone, tablet or similar device that uses that connector.  No menu configuration is necessary, just plug it into the device and charging begins.   Of course, that only works for micro USB, but any other device can be charges by inserting a cable in the standard USB port.iTaste MVP 3.0

Vaping and charging will obviously take a toll on battery life, so its good that the MVP has that detail covered.  The large internal 3800mAh battery provides days of vaping power for the average user.  I would expect it to easily charge an external device a time or two while still going strong for a day or more.iTaste MVP 3.0 Charging

The solid construction, added charging features and huge battery come at the expense of a rather large and heavy device.  At weight, the MVP 3.0 is weight heavier than its stablemate the Cool Fire IV.  The size will probably make it a little uncomfortable to hold for smaller hands, although I had no problem with it and the button placement seemed natural.  The weight and size did make it noticeable in a pocket, however.


The 30 watts of power that the MVP 3.0 packs is a meaningful upgrade from the 10 watts of the previous MVP.   It is also available in a 60 watt version.  While I am not a high voltage vapor, I found the original to be a little lacking in power.  Not so with the 3.0.  30 watts is plenty of output for anything I want to put on it.  That output also means that it is capable of firing coils as low as .4 ohms.iTaste MVP 3.0

Power output can be set to anything from 6.0 watts to 30 watts in .5 watt increments, or 3.0 volts to 9.0 volts in .5 volt increments.  In either case, the vRMS chip delivers a stable output that seems right on target.   Settings are maintained when switching between voltage and wattage modes.

The integrated portable device charger is nice. ¬†It is noted as a 1A output and that seems reasonable. ¬†It charged a couple of different phones and devices, although not quite a rapidly as a wall charger. ¬†That performance is similar to other portable chargers I’ve used.

The battery life is amazing on the MVP 3.0.  Using it in rotation with another device, I got five days use out of it.  It would not be unreasonable to expect to charge this every few days if it was my only device.


The MVP 3.0 is a great and versatile device if you can handle the size and weight. ¬†The excellent battery life, great output power and integrated portable charging feature make it an excellent choice for a sole device or just for¬†on-the-go duties. ¬†The size may be a little daunting for first time users, but the ease of use make it a good choice anyway, and it’s not that hard to get used to.

The price is the final factor that needs to be considered. ¬†I picked the MVP 3.0¬†up from Madvapes, on sale for the paltry sum of $39.99 and it’s available around the web in the same price range. ¬†I’m still a little amazed at how inexpensive some of the new box mods are, especially one that can double as a portable charger. ¬†The¬†MVP 3.0 is a steal at that price¬†and easy to recommend, with just a slight disclaimer on the heft.



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