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RY4 Aces from DIY Flavor Shack

RY4 means a lot of different things from different manufacturers and I have enjoyed a lot of them! I recently picked up a bottle of RY4 Aces flavoring from DIY Flavor Shack and it ranks pretty high on my list. It has the good caramel over tobacco flavor that we’ve come to expect, but adds […]

Viper Vape Store Grand Opening

As if I didn’t have enough reason to want to visit California, Viper Vape┬áhas just announced the opening of their new store in Carlsbad. ┬áIt looks really nice and I’m sure it’s stocked with their great lineup of vaping gear. ┬áStop by and mention their grand opening email for 15% off. ┬áIf you’re like me […]

Cyber Monday Ecig Deals

In addition to some of the Black Friday Deals still going on, there are some great CYber Monday deals on electronic cigarettes as well… Volcano – Sales up to 60% off. ┬áNo coupon needed. Smoktek – Sales from 15% to 40% off when sales, discounts and bonus points are combined. Viper Vape –┬áAll orders over […]

Black Friday E-Cig Deals

Just sharing a couple of Black Friday specials on electronic cigarettes… Madvapes – 15% of everything in the store with the coupon code blackfriday2013 at checkout. Plus they are having daily and hourly specials for even bigger savings. The coupon code can’t be used on already reduced items, though. My Freedom Smokes – 17% off […]

ALA’s Connor Joins ECIG

It was announced late last week that Charles Connor is joining the Electronic Cigarette Industry Group (ECIG). Connor was president and CEO of the American Lung Association (ALA) from 2008 to 2012, meaning he was at the helm for much of the ALA’s ongoing campaign against electronic cigarettes. E-cig supporters have never quite been able […]

Someone, Somewhere Might Be Happy

“H.L. Mencken famously┬ádefined puritanism┬áas ‘the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.ÔÇŁ He might have been describing contemporary anti-smoking activists.’” ┬áThis is the opening line of a Nick Guillespie article in Reason entitled The Clueless Crusade to Ban E-Cigarettes. Guillespie does a great job of exposing the illogical thinking spewing forth from organizations that […]

Teen Ecig Use in the News

Let me start off by saying that I am in no way in favor of teen smoking. ┬áIf I could prevent any teen from making the same habit forming mistake that I made at that age, I would. ┬áBut there comes a point where teens will be teens and there is only so much we […]

18350 and 18500 SiD Tubes

The Smok Tech SiD has become one of my favorite devices for use when I’m out and about because of its light weight and low cost. ┬áShorter tubes are now available to make it more compact by using smaller batteries. ┬áMadvapes has both 18350 and 18500┬átubes in a variety of colors, while Viper Vape has […]

New Study Proves Safety of Electronic Cigarettes

A new study conducted by Professor Igor Burstyn of the Drexel University School of Public Health is good news for electronic cigarette users. ┬áIt finds in part that there are no health concerns based on generally accpeted exposure limits and that there is no potential risk to bystanders. The Consumer Advocates for Smoke Free Alternatives […]

Adjusting Bottom Coil (BCC) Wicks

I’ve tried out a bunch of different bottom coil changeable (BCC) clearmizers and tanks recently and have noticed a trend towards too much wicking in many of them. ┬áThe ProTank, Viva, EVOD and Davide have all suffered from it to one degree or another. ┬áThe symptom is a burnt hit and a quick puff into […]