Michael L. Marlow: FDA should butt out of e-cigarette therapy

In a great article in the Long Beach Press-Telegram, California Polytechnic professor Michael L. Marlow really gets at the heart of the attempts to ban electronic  cigarette usage.  The article takes aim at the groups that have sought to ban the of electronic cigarettes, citing the “preposterous” idea that a device that produces no secondhand smoke could be included in a public smoking ban.  Studies showing the efficacy and relative safety are also mentioned.  As Mr. Marlow puts it, “the FDA has decided that a government-approved failure (like NRT or going “cold turkey”) is better than an unapproved success.”  Thanks for a great article, Mr. Marlow.

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  1. Rob says:

    Great article! It’s good to see press like this. Thanks for bringing it to us.