eGo LCD – Why Aren’t These More Popular?

Viper Vapes has recently become a featured supplier here at Vaping Guides and I’ve spent some time perusing their offerings. Among the various eGo style batteries that are on offer, I found an old friend in the eGo LCD. This take on the eGo was my favorite for a long time before I gave each of the three that I had to new vapers looking for a better experience.

I always liked the LCD feature because I could instantly tell whether a battery had a decent charge or not. The indicator bars were not necessarily accurate, but the puff counter definitely was. I knew that a battery with a hundred puffs on it already was not going to get me through the day.

It’s somewhat curious that this feature hasn’t made it into any of the new eGo offerings such as the Twist. I know that I frequently grab a Vmax instead of the twist to throw in my pocket, even though the Twist is less bulky. The simple reason is that I can easily see how much battery life is left in the Vmax, whereas the Twist is only a best guess. In any case, it’s nice to come across the eGo LCD again and I may just have to pick one up for old times sake.

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  1. I guess those of us who have been vaping for awhile ALWAYS carry an extra battery and atomizer in our pocket just in case, anyway. You just never know what will happen with these things; you could drop it and break a wire inside of a battery, for instance.

    I guess I have never worried about how many drags there were left on a battery as long as I knew I had a backup ready to go for whenever I needed it and having one more thing going on inside of a battery means one more thing that could cause it to malfunction (and drain it).

    I’m not really concerned with digital readouts, the ability to download vaping stats into my computer or save my settings (I’m talking the eVic here). I’m smart enough to remember what voltage I like with what e-juice and atomizer. I just “smoke” them.

    Everybody’s different, though.