The “Best” Electronic Cigarette

There is no best electronic cigarette … for all vapers. 🙁

But we can offer some suggestions regarding:

The Best E-Cig for a First-Time Vaper

Before we tell you about some of the best full-fledged models, we want to make you aware of…

The “Disposables”

disposable electronic cigarette

If, at this point, you are only mildly curious about this e-cig stuff and would like to sample it at the lowest possible cost, consider one of the inexpensive disposable 510 clones. They’re called “disposable” and their expected life span is less than a standard 510 electronic cigarette, but the battery can be recharged several times and the atomizer probably will last awhile. [Include some e-liquid in your order to take advantage of the battery’s rechargeability.] I view them more as introductory models, e.g., they also are an excellent choice to give to a smoker friend whom you are trying to convert to vaping.

  • The $4.99 REDI is a good example of a truly disposable electronic cigarette. It cannot be recharged or fitted with a fresh cartomizer. Vape it ’til it’s done and toss it. It’s very similar to the Blu and Mistic disposables that can be found in many stores. They make a cheap way to try out an electronic cigarette, but provide a very poor sample of what ecig technology can actually deliver.
    Redi disposable ecig
  • A still inexpensive but much better deal can be found in a single battery rechargeable starter kit that allows you to recharge the battery and replace the cartomizer.  The $19.95 Volt Pack Kit from Smokeless Image pictured below, for instance, will give you the true experience of the excellent flavor and ecig experience that the company has to offer.  Assuming you like it, you’ll need additional batteries quite quickly, though.  The good news is that both the battery  and cartomizers are compatible with other Volt products and various other KR808D-1 models.  (Save 10% with the coupon code TRYVOLT08 at checkout.)Volt Pack kit
  • The $17 Hello 010 (e.g., from Happy Vaper [10% discount code: VGHV10]) manual switch 510 clone comes with one 300 mAh battery, charger, and atomizer, and two filled cartridges.  This battery is compatible with other 510 models on the market.

Hello 010 Electronic Cigarette

Otherwise, jump in with both feet and order one of the following outstanding, full-fledged electronic cigarette models.

The Quick Approaches

Parts IV and V of The Wonderful World of Vaping lead you through a process of selecting among scores (make that hundreds) of models in seven categories. If all that sounds just a bit too analytical and time-consuming (you are more the “executive” type), go buy one of the following models.

The Quick and Dirty Approach

If you want the simplest, most convenient electronic cigarette model, go buy a Kr8 (KR808D-1) for around $40. No messing with e-liquid required (although you can, if you want to). You simply charge your battery, screw on a pre-filled cartomizer (in any of scores of flavors and several nicotine levels) and vape.

Kr8 CigEasy electronic cigarette

It was my first e-cig, so therefore it must be the best one for you. 😉 Seriously, it’s not perfect for everyone, but it is a sensible electronic cigarette choice for a newbie. It has strong throat hit, flavor, 280 mAh battery life, and 3.7V; and decent vapor. And the batteries (I recommend automatic) and cartomizers each can be used with other models. For example, one of my favorite e-cig setups was a penstyle atomizer with adapter on a Kr8 battery. Many people use Kr8 cartos on mods.

V2 Electronic Cigarette PCC

You’ll want to make sure to get at least two batteries so that you can charge one while using the other.  Add in a PCC (for carrying a few extra cartomizers and for charging your backup battery on the go), some extra prefilled cartos and/or e-liquid, and you’re off and running.

KR808D-1 Passthrough electronic cigarette

If you spend more time at a computer than away from it, you might choose to purchase a USB Passthrough (shown above) instead of the PCC. [NOTE: Both of these are available from most of the listed electronic cigarette suppliers.]

The Kr8 model is sold by many suppliers and often under different brand names. The following are the U.S. electronic cigarette suppliers (and names they use) that I have dealt with:

  • Smokeless Image is home to the Volt electronic cigarette.  At $44.95 for a two battery kit (less 10% with the code TRYVOLT08), the Volt comes in at the low end of a price comparison.  Quality and service are first rate, however and the flavor of the cartomizers is excellent.
  • The G6 kit from Halo is another economical starting point that many people love.  It also comes in at $44.95 for a two battery kit.
  • BloogPlanet (MaxX Fusion) electronic cigarette has a smaller (still good) selection of cartomizers, but their performance (vapor and flavor) is more impressive than most … and its regular size battery is 320 mAh. Like the Vapor King electronic cigarette, MaxX Fusion kits are pricey (and with a hefty $8 shipping cost), although I think the cartomizers are worth it. [The discount code “VGDTEN” may not be as easy to remember, but it also provides 10% off.]
  • NHaler (KR808D-1) also has a large selection of cartomizers (and adapters) and is a bit less expensive (although the shipping cost also is high). [When you order from New Jersey-based NHaler, remember that you can “SAVEinNJ” – also 10%.]
  • If packaging and style mean alot to you, then V2 Cigs is worth a look.  The site is impressive and so is the packaging of the product.  Their Vapor Couture line adds further style with some beautiful ecig colors and tips.  Flavor is not left out, however and V2 carts are also wonderful to vape.
  • Vapor4Life (Vapor King) has the greatest selection of cartomizers (flavors and nicotine levels) and batteries (three lengths and many colors), but is one of the priciest electronic cigarettes (including $7 shipping). [However, if you are “SMILIN” when you place an order, you’ll receive 10% off.]
  • Other U.S. electronic cigarette suppliers (some of which are low cost and/or provide free shipping) include CigEasy (Easy), Cigtechs (KR808D), Digital Ciggz (KR808D-1), Domestic Vapor (KR808D-1), GoodProphets (VapoRite), LeCig (D1), LiteCigUSA (KR808D-1), Mist-Stix (Mist-Stix), MyVaporStore (KR808D1), PureSmoker (Ace), StrictlyEJuice (KR808d-1, parts only) The House of Vapor (KR808D-1), Vapor Junction (KR808D-1), VaporKings (KR808D-1), and VaporNine (Nebula).

The Quick and Cleaner Approach

If you don’t want to do a lot of research, but still would like to have a choice: in addition, consider a Fat Batt based on the Joye 510 atomizer connection.  The original 510 batteries were relatively weak and had a short charge life, but the performance of the 510 atomizer made it popular.  Now the 510 fitting is used in most APVs and mods as well as the eGo style Fat Batts.

The 510 atty generates excellent vapor and scores well on all the evaluation factors, as do many of the cartomizers, clearomizers and tanks that have been developed over the years for the 510 connection. The fat batts more than cancel out the one weakness of the basic 510 model (puffs per battery charge) with their 650-1300 mAh manual switch batteries. And, because of that extended battery life, you won’t need a PCC or PT, so the total price is no more than the Kr8.

eGo electronic cigarette

In Part II of the WWV, several fat batt models were discussed. The market has exploded since that writing and the various styles, capacities and voltages can get a little overwhelming.  The first and most popular (but most expensive) is the 650 mAh 3.4V Joye eGO, But there many “knock-offs” have followed.  Some of these are just cheap immitations, but some are better than the original. Retail price is $74, but look for sales at prices around $60 that sometimes are available from suppliers like Smoktek, LiteCigUSA, Cignot, NHaler, or Heaven Gifts (China).

One recommendation we will make when it comes to Fat Batt or eGo style kits is to stay away from atomizers and stick with cartomizers or clearomizers.  The atomizer and cartridge systems are simply not as good as the latest cartomizers and clearomizers and are a lot more trouble to keep functioning properly.

eGO Riva Hello 016 electronic cigarettes

There has been a very significant advancement in the Fat Batt category that we’ll cover in more detail on the page dedicated to eGo style devices, and that is the variable voltage eGo Twist.  It needs to be mentioned here, because several vendors are now offering kits built around the Twist that are great for beginners, but ensure satisfaction well into the experienced vaper stage.

eGo-C Twist Electronic Cigarette BatteryThe $55.25 (with coupon 150ffvape Intermediate Variable Voltage kit from Viper Vapes is a good example and even offers a choice of clearomizers.  Smoktek has a single battery Twist kit for only $34.95 as well.

The odds are very good that you’ll be happy with either a Kr8 or a 510-based fat batt. And if you actually are an executive, you’ll easily afford purchasing a different electronic cigarette model later. 😀

[FYI: Any personal bias I might have does not influence either of these recommendations. I have used and enjoyed the Kr8 and fat batt, but my primary preferences lie elsewhere. I do love that Kr8 battery, however.]

Those are the quick approaches. But you may want to apply A More Thorough Approach


  1. Claire McCabe says:

    I’m blown away by the amount of great info posted here. I had a pack-a-day habit for the better part of 45 years. August 2011 was stressful, but I was so sick of the smell of tobacco, that I finally decided to plunge into vapor.
    I’m glad I did. The fresh paint is no longer yellowing in a year. The curtains look clean and white. I don’t smell like the bottom of an ashtray.
    Tho I started out with several different kinds of e-cigs, I eventually got to Vapor 4 Life and have been using their products since December of 2011. They’ve got a slammin’ espresso flavor and some great naturals.
    I know vapes aren’t touted as a cessation tool, but they’ve done the once impossible, offering a suitable substitute for analogs. .

    I’ve had a number of tests done recently. For age and history, I’m pleased to report that I oxygenate very well. I feel better overall than I did when I first started vaping, I’m able to read without losing my breath, walk without stopping, etc., etc.
    This is a wonderful blog. Keep up the good work and the balanced reporting.

  2. bigtimbre says:

    Nice blog Don!

    I’ve been vaping for for years, started with KR8s, and have never seen any good reason to switch. I’ve arrived at — through expeimentation and trying lots of different things over time — at mostly using Vapor4Life variable volt batteries, clearomizers from V2 cigs and juice from Vaporrenu (totally customizable, and great prices).

    Anyway, just wanted to compliment you, a lot of good understandable information for beginners and experienced users alike.


  3. Emily says:

    Hi. I am very new to this. I got one of the disposable blu cigs a couple weeks ago and I like the slim look and convenience of not having to push a button. Then I got a different brand that is rechargeable called Dream Vapor. I have to refill it and that is annoying. Plus it leaks and has gotten clogged so I get a lovely burst of hot menthol on my lips. No bueno. It is also big and bulky and looks ridiculous. And I don’t like having to push a button. I’ve been trying to research and it’s pretty overwhelming. I used to smoke but quit when we started trying to get pregnant…well shortly(ish) after. I had quit for 7 years but started back a year ago. I’m a stay at home mom of a 5 year old head strong girl and 3 year old boy with autism. Stress happens and there ya go.

    Basically I am looking for something rechargeable that is small, slim, you don’t have to refill, has menthol and coffee flavor options and doesn’t look like a crack pipe. Seriously, this one does. I’ve been smoking Marlboro Silver 72’s so I’m used to small. All the review sites seem…forced. You seem to have a very good reputation on the forums I’ve seen, but even those are confusing to me. Do you think you could help? I’d really appreciate it. I enjoy smoking but want to be around to see my grand kids. My grandmother died when I was 3 from lung cancer. I don’t want that to be me…

    • Eric says:

      Hi Emily and thanks for your post. From your description, it sounds like you are pretty much looking for a cigarette sized device and that it must be automatic. There are a number of kits that are easy to recommend in this style. Smokeless Image, V2, <>Bloog and Vapor Nine are all ones that I have personally used and can vouch for their performance. In fact, I still use the Smokeless Image and V2 ecigs when I want the convenience of an automatic battery, even though I have much more powerful APVs. Take a look at those sites and see what works for you. V2 also has their Vapor Couture line if you want a little bling!

      Keep in mind that the main tradeoff for the cigarette sized batteries is going to be battery life. You are simply going to have to recharge these more frequently than the larger batteries of your Dream Vapor kit, which I believe are eGo batteries. It is a very good idea to get a couple as backup.

      If you want to stick with the Dream Vapor batteries, I would suggest trying regular cartomizers like these from Smoktek. They are easier and less error prone to get started with and you will be able to get some more use out of those batteries. The vape will be fantastic as well. A drip tip will further help you to avoid that unpleasant liquid in the mouth.

      One final note. You mentioned coffee and menthol flavors. I’m not much on menthol, but I do know that coffee cartridges I’ve tried from Bloog, Vapornine and V2 have been good. You might also want to try the Mint Tea from V2, a menthol smoker friend of mine loved it.

  4. trying says:

    please keep writing……. still smoking here trying to sift through all the info. this was the best page i’v seen thanks

  5. Stacey says:

    Hi Don, I’m also a newbie and all these numbers and terms are a bit overwhelming. I just want a strong throat hit with a low level of nicotine. What would you suggest?

    • Eric says:

      Hi Stacey. Nicotine is a major component of throat hit, but you can still get satisfying results with higher voltage and the right juice. I would recommend trying a variable voltage device. The eGo Twist is a good place to start, and the VMAX, ZMAX or Provari are great places to end up if your budget allows. These will allow you to get warmer vapor, giving you more throat hit. A higher PG level will also help. You might want to try an 80%PG/20%VG mix and see how that works for you.

  6. Jan says:

    I have a KR808D CigEasy’s $50 Elite 808. It is my first e-cig purchased after days of research that made my head spin. I thought it would be compatable to some other cartomizers but it seems the carts I need are female and the others I’ve looked at are male. Right?


    • Don says:

      Yes, the Elite is KR808D-1 compatible with female cartomizers. You probably have 510 cartomizers, which are male. [NOTE: RN4081 also has male cartos, which are not 510-compatible.]

  7. Donna Whaley says:

    P.S. I’m willing to do some DIY, but not if it’s technological, like making my own mods or tanks.

    • Don says:

      DIY can be as simple as combining two off-the-shelf e-liquids (which I do frequently to get my desired nicotine strength) or entail mixing base PG and/or VG with concentrated nicotine and flavoring. Even the latter is not “technological.” Check out places like DIY Flavor Shack and One Stop DIY Shop for supplies.

  8. Donna Whaley says:

    Hi! This is for Don and I may be too wordy, but I’m frustrated and conFUSED, and you’ve had the clearest and best info I’ve found so far, Don, so thank you. I’ve been on ecig forum for a few months, posting a little, and learning a good deal. But I am an OLD FART, not great on the computer, AWful with technology, and between menopause and medical issues that cause “brain fuzz,” easily confused. (And Hubby’s even worse — ‘nam vet with PTSD.) We’ve been using K808d-1’s, K808d-1 “Monsters,” and 510 compatibles from Vapor9 since we started and I’m not totally satisfied with the results. First, the chargers and adaptors seem somewhat unreliable. Second, the batts seem spastic and hold a charge one time, not the next. I’d like to upgrade our hardware and I’m thinking mods with replaceable batteries, but I’m just lost. What I want is something larger capacity (batt and juice), reliable and fairly east to use, not really caring about the size, shape, etc. I’m okay with cartos except those we’ve had seemed poor quality thusfar — seems very quickly they don’t work. The ones we’ve liked best are clear tubes that hold about a ml of liquid (CE2), but the little tube on the included syringe bends too easily, so I have to use a needle which seems to enlarge the tiny tunnel where you inject the liquid and then they leak! If I use a smaller gauge needle, the liquid won’t pass thru it. And a tiny bit too much twist when screwing on or off and they come apart. We’ve also recently tried NJoy (not sure of that model) and it seems to work quite well so far, but the wall plug adaptor seems not to work — had to plug it in my computer to charge it.

    So, bottom line, I’m an idiot about this and what I really want is for someone — you or someone like you — to just TELL me, buy this batt from this dealer with these tanks or cartos from this dealer, etc. And is there a dif in the chargers and adaptors or are they pretty much all the same. If so, which ones should I get? I don’t want to spend our life savings, but I’d rather pay more up front for a better, longer lasting product than keep on with $20 here and $20 there.

    Last, I think you’re hiLARious and if you think “differently from most,” then we must, too, cause we like the way you think! lol Hubby and I are quite sure we’re a bit strange, tho, so take that with a grain of salt! Ha!

    Thanks a MILLION for all the help you’ve already given and for just a liiiiitle bit more, please?


    • Eric says:

      Donna, I’m glad to hear that you are sticking with it and will be happy to offer some options for you. The easiest way to take care of your battery problems is to move up to an eGo style device. Any of the vendors you see on this site earn our recommendation as a good place to buy one. If you don’t mind a mod type device, then the eGo 18650, Provari or Lavatube will offer even longer usage between charges. In either case, add some 1.7ohm Smoketek or 2.0ohm Boge cartomizers to your order and you will be good to go. These cartos will allow you to simply drip onto the filler, eliminating the need for a syringe and you’ll probably get good performance for a week or so before you want to replace it. Hope this helps!

  9. Lisa says:

    Hi, I’ve been using E-lites E200 rechargables. I’ve found at £19.99 for 5 cartridges they are expensive as I can easily use 1 in a day. Can I buy liquid and refill this model? I’ve already got 3 batteries so it’s cheapest option if possible!

    • Don says:

      We are not familiar with this model. It is likely the E9 aka “D-2” model (which we think is inferior to the similar-appearing KR808D-1). You probably will be able to fill the cartomizers (what they call “e-tips”) with e-liquid, e.g., by dripping into the hole in the battery end.

      However, I recommend that you purchase a D2 battery-to-D1 cartomizer adapter (e.g., $6 from LeCig) and use your batteries with the far superior second generation KR808D-1 cartomizers, e.g., the VOLT from Smokeless Image – either prefilled (with pretty good-tasting e-liquid) or blank (for filling with your own e-liquid).

  10. Zach says:

    Looking to Start Vapeing to Quit smoking I’ve tried the Toss away ones and bought a Njoy Starter kit but overall i have been not satisfied with them at all. I’ve been trying to research as much of this as i can before I put $ into a new setup Before finding out about the modding community that these things have and what not I was About to Order one of the newer Blu-Cig’s but now before I invest $ into something else i won’t Enjoy i am hoping to get some much needed assistance

    I am looking for something to give me a nice what you guys call “throat Hit”
    and produce a nice amount of vapor and still have a nice taste to it

    Basicly I’d like someone to breakdown a Setup that would be simple to start out with and be worth putting $ into I am about a pack and a half a day smoker for about 10 years now and I seriously need to quit any help would be great

    • Don says:

      Although written quite some time ago, I stand by the general recommendations in this article. Today, I would single out a specific model of each of the two types:

      The best and least expensive KR808D-1 I know of is the VOLT from Smokeless Image. It probably is the ideal choice for someone wanting an e-cig the same size and shape as an analog cigarette. The $45 “Standard Starter Kit” and one or two bottles of e-liquid would provide an effective launch. [NOTE: My personal favorite KR808D-1-compatible model is CigEasy’s $50 Elite 808. Somewhat longer (and slightly wider), it delivers an outstanding vaping experience in an elegant package. The Elite-specific, larger capacity cartomizers are not prefilled.]

      The least expensive (and good quality) fat batt is the Riva-510, e.g., from Liberty-Flights: $30-36, depending on battery features and atomizers/cartomizers included in the starter kit. Although wider than the KR808D-1 model, the Riva has twice the mAh and the same 3.7V (which is higher than most fat batts) and provides compatibility with a wider range of atomizers, cartomizers, and accessories. However, unlike the VOLT and other KR808D-1’s, the cartomizers are not prefilled.

      Both Smokeless Image and Liberty-Flights also sell e-liquid.

  11. Serena says:

    Newbie to the E Cig world 3 days and doing great so far !!!.. And I may have some stupid questions, lol so i apolgize up front…ok here we go !! LOL

    Can i buy E juice from other mfgs other than the one I purchased my E Cig from, without hurting my e cig.

    What E Juice out there tastes like Marlboro Lights?

    How do i know how many puffs equal 1 analog?

    thats all the ???? i have for now.. but am sure i will have more

    • Don says:

      No apology needed! That’s what we’re here for.

      Yes, you can use E juice from any reputable supplier in an atomizer, tank, or refillable cartomizer of any PV from any supplier. [NOTE: There are a couple models (which we do not recommend) using cartridges that are not refillable.]

      There is no E Juice that tastes like Marlboro Lights or any other tobacco cigarette. Many of the e-liquid flavors named with euphemisms for “Marlboro” (e.g., Marly, Reds, Western, Cowboy, USA Mix, etc.) may remind you of Marlboro Lights. However, after only a brief time vaping, you won’t want your e-cig to taste anything like yucky pooey tobacco cigs. [Spoken by a man who smoked for 40 years.]

      You also asked: “How do i know how many puffs equal 1 analog?” If you mean how much nicotine you are consuming, that is difficult to accurately determine. Your body will give you feedback. I suggest that you start with 12mg or 18mg strength and adjust from that (if needed) to stave off cravings without feeling overdosed. I prefer to vape at the lowest nicotine level possible and adjust the battery voltage and/or atomizer/cartomizer resistance to increase the throat hit (and vapor) to my desired level. [See this article for more on that voltage and resistance stuff.]

  12. Rob says:

    Hi Don, I appreciate all you have to offer, thank you for your time and wonderful contribution. I’m curious though, are you still using your DaBoomMod as your vape of choice? Do you have a preference of 801 atty and 808 battery? I would like to try this combination but of course, I want the best. Is there a vendor that sells them all?


    • Don says:

      Thanks for the compliment, Rob!

      No, I no longer use what I teasingly called the “DaBoomMod.” I’ve moved on to cartomizers on fat batts and mods (real mods).

      My favorite cartomizers are the Smok Tech Dual Coils (which I see that you sell on your SmokTek website) and LR 801 (both Boge from LiteCigUSA and EastMall from Vapor Junction). For the 801’s, I use 510-to801 adapters from Good Prophets.

      My mods are the 14650 and 18650 NoEgo’s from Jazz CartoPipe (essentially the same as the e-Power‘s that you sell, but without the batts and charger, which I already had). Fat batts include the eGo-T (650 and 1000 mAh), 1100 mAh KGO, and 1300 mAh Echo (which I see you also sell).

  13. Vapor Chief says:

    Great information Don. AS a newbie to electronic cigarette vapping I for one enjoyed this valuable info.

  14. CincyVapor says:

    Not new to vaping, but haven’t tried much since first models in early 2000. Just ordered a few kits and juice, and think that the support.out now (like this site) would have been awesome way back when. 😉

    The first analog I ever tried was a Clove Sampoerna Extra. Trying to recreate so as I drop my nicotine levels, I can enjoy the same teenage flavor that started It all. Since Cloves have been outlawed in the US, anyone here know of a mix that might be close?

    Thank you all for the information. Makes it easy to digitize again. 😉

  15. Kari says:

    What would be the best option for a current analog smoker who needs to quit nicotine right away for a surgery? I am on week 3 of Chantix and am struggling. I have to pass a urine test on 3/1 and need to have no traces of nicotine in my body. I normally analog Native Light 100’s… I need the best e-cig with out the nicotine. HELP!

    • Don says:

      Kari, I can tell you what option is not the best: e-cigarettes. They are not smoking cessation or nicotine replacement devices. They are a healthier (and much more pleasurable) way to satisfy nicotine craving and the smoking habit. Sorry.

    • Cherie Corey says:

      Hi Kari, I hope your procedure went well as I know this is past the date. I am writing this in rebuttal to Don. I DO feel that the E-Cig is a useful smoking cessation product.. IF you are using the 0 nicotine level E-Juice. Both my Husband and I are 1 and 1/2 Months Analog free. When we first started we used fluid with nicotine, but went down to that with 0. I just felt the need to post this for other readers.

      • Don says:

        Thanks for sharing your successful nicotine elimination experience, Cherie!

        I know that some people have been able to cut back all the way to zero with vaping. Most, however, do not. And it certainly isn’t a quick fix that Kari was asking for.

        Quitting analogs? Definitely! I never looked back after using my first e-cig (and I smoked for over 40 years).

        • Jennifer says:

          Hi Don, I’m a newbie and I am so confused by all the different types of e-cigs! what do you think is the best/easy e cig to buy? Thank you for your help!

  16. dustin trent says:

    how much is the cheapest, but strongest menthol type? i would totally like to quit my ciggarett habit because of my future health, thanks let me know ya,ll.

    • Don says:


      This article is about the best e-cig hardware for a new vaper. As you see, I recommend either the KR808D-1 or the fat batt (various, virtually identical models), pointing out the pros and cons of each. CigEasy is one of my favorite low-cost KR808D-1 suppliers. Their two-battery kit is $40. Liberty-Flights has a great deal on the 750 mAh Riva-510 “LITE BUNDLE” fat batt: $30 after clicking the 20% off Discount” at the top of the screen.

      However, your question really relates to the software, i.e., the e-liquid that is vaporized by the hardware. Menthol flavor is available from almost every supplier, including those two. It can be as strong (in nicotine level) as you like. Vapor4Life happens to carry many different variations on Menthol (both prefilled in KR808D-1 cartomizers and in liquid form) at low prices, e.g., $12.50 for a 30 ml bottle.

      For more about the hardware and software of vaping, read the first three parts of my WWV V2.

  17. tony newstead says:

    interesting……….informative………as a prospective newbee but waiting on an order placed…………………thanks.

    • Don says:

      Thanks, Tony! Hope you enjoy your first starter kit. If you need help in using or optimizing it, you know where to turn … right? 😉

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