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Basic Maintenance

When you notice a fading of the vapor or flavor (or a burnt taste):

  • If you’re using a brand new atomizer (and it’s the taste that’s bad) – it’s probably due to the primer used on most atomizers. You can:

1. Be patient; this too shall pass … OR

2. Blow out the atomizer. Place your mouth over the threaded end and blow hard and steadily onto a paper towel until no more liquid comes out.

[NOTE: This is the same thing to do if your atomizer ever becomes flooded with too much e-liquid at once.]

  • If you’ve been using a freshly charged battery – top off the cart or drip 3 drops directly on the atomizer.

  • If you’ve been using that battery for awhile (this varies considerably depending on battery size) – recharge battery and replace with a fresh one.
  • If you’ve been using a freshly charged battery and you’ve just put in more juice (or you’re getting no vapor at all) – it’s time to:

1. Replace the atomizer (mine last about two weeks, on average) … OR

2. Attempt to rescue the atomizer by cleaning it, as MoobyGhost demonstrates here.

Mistress Nomad demonstrates the care and feeding of cartomizer-based e-cigs like the Kr8:

[For me that’s a last resort. Others, more disciplined than I, clean their atomizers daily.] And if you are determined to really stretch out the life of your atomizer, explore the threads in ECF’s Experiment with equipment sub-forum.

This all sounds more complicated and cumbersome than it actually is.

  • Instead of emptying ashtrays, I charge batteries (much less messy).
  • Instead of using a lighter to light a cigarette, I drip a couple drops on my atomizer.
  • Instead of flicking ash into an ashtray, I press and release a button.
  • And instead of buying a carton of cigarettes, I buy an atomizer and juice (much cheaper). [Actually I buy several in advance, since I can’t just run out to a convenience store to get them.]

And I don’t even think about the puffing, it just evolved naturally. You probably will draw/suck longer during a puff on an e-cig than you do on your analog cigarette.

For more on getting the most out of your e-cig, explore ECF’s E-Cigarette Maintenance and VF’s FAQ/Troubleshooting forums … and the Sticky threads in ECF’s New Members and VF”s Novice Vapers forums.

Preview of Coming Attractions

Parts IV and V are both devoted to purchasing your first e-cig.

Part IV: Purchasing Your First E-cig – The Little Guys

A. How to decide

B. Specific Recommendations and Supplier Links Based on Your Priorities

  • The Super-Minis – size and shape of an analog; frequent recharging
  • The Minis – better performance; somewhat longer; most popular
  • The Cartomizers – simple, convenient; Mini but more puffs per charge

Part V continues the specific recommendations, focusing on the “big guys” – penstyles, cigars and pipes, fat batts, and mods – and the juice. Both parts will include links to the least expensive (and quite reliable) suppliers I’ve identified as of the date posted.

Warning: Style Shift Ahead

The tone of the first three parts of this series has been rather whimsical. The subject matter of the next two parts calls for that to change. Don’t get me wrong – it won’t be somber, just more Joe Friday* in approach.

* [For those whose hair has not yet turned gray, “Joe Friday” can be found under the heading, “Ancient History: 1950’s TV shows: Dragnet” … or simply by Googling the phrase, “Just the facts, ma’am.”]

Of course, my sui generis sense of humor may get the better of me and I might feel compulsed to season lightly with DaBoomVape “wit” (or perhaps just 50% of such).

I’ll be back! [imagine an Austrian accent]

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