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7. Mods (continued)

The primary additional capability available today is juice feeding: side, bottom, or AVS (between the mod and the atty). All but AVS are box mods containing a bottle of e-liquid (and the battery, of course). A juice-fed mod replaces the need for cartridges and cartomizers, as well as dripping or dipping. Necessarily, they are larger (usually wider rather than longer) than mods using the same battery.

  • The earliest juice-fed hobbyist mods were side feeders. For example, MoonMan’s UPAC (Ultimate Portability And Convenience) – “One [not so] small step”

Spikey‘s ProdigyCompanion

… and tinear’s magnificent molded mAhmba. [I was angry with tinear for a long time for never offering his mAhmba for sale.]

The main example of a commercial side feeder today is the small, inexpensive $45 MrPuffer MP1. (14500 battery, 3-ml bottle).

NotCigs sells The Dripper accessory ($15) for its Buzz (or many other tubular mods).

  • The first bottom-fed mod was Carlos’ JuiceBox, still available for purchase (e.g., $95 at that linked supplier).

During 2010, it has been followed by all those bottom feeders (insulting double entendre not intended) described and pictured at the bottom of this page of Part II … as well as the new metallic Reo Mini (currently out of stock and price unknown) and $119 UMP, the former receiving much more positive reviews. Both use a 14500 battery and a 3-ml bottle…

…as does the similar looking £65 Integrity (which also can accommodate an 18650 battery) from UK-based Dave’s Devices.

  • The $80 GG AVS (Automatic Vaping System) is a 6 ml liquid tank, which attaches to the top of the $159 GG Telescopic Storm shown here. The atomizer sits inside that liquid tank surrounded by e-liquid, which is automatically pulled up into the atty as you vape. [NOTE: The GG AFS (Automatic Feeding System) V2 for use with other tubular mods no longer seems to be available.] FYI: GG mods and parts often are out of stock and can be finicky in performance. My perception of Imeo’s GGs is that they are the Jaguars of PVs: outstanding in concept and luxury, but often in the shop.

Most of the previous parameters (and the final one 😉 ) are fairly obvious considerations. This one may not be, but don’t ignore it. If you are considering a mod, think about both the position and feel of the manual switch button:

  • Position: Visualize how you would hold the device … and what finger you would use to press the button. This certainly would be different for the devices with the button on the side of the mod near the atomizer … vs. on the side near the base … vs. at the base … vs. at the top. There is no right or wrong to this, but a matter of personal preference and comfort. [I’m a thumb man myself, pressing that button on the ProVape-1, while holding the mod with three fingers on the other side and my pinky on the same side as the button.]

And some mods don’t even have button that you press. For example, the Copper is engaged by pushing down on the atomizer with the mouth. The Omega is similar, but you push down on the top of the mod with your finger to engage.

And that makes a nice segue to…

  • The feel of the switch. Some buttons are big and fat; others are small and almost pointed. Some stick way out; others are recessed.

Some aren’t even pressed, but are touch sensitive.

And last but not least…

Prices of mods and where to buy them have been shown throughout this section (and on ViZi’s website). Except where noted otherwise, prices do not include batteries, charger, or atomizer. Expect to pay around $25-30 for those.

We’ve seen that mod prices range from:

  • $50 or less (e.g., for a DSE905, Bartleby, MrPuffer, WetBox) … to
  • $100-125 (e.g., for a Buzz, GG-Slim, Joker, Omega, Phidias Woodimus Feedimus, Precise 10440, Saber Touch, GLV2) … to
  • $125-$150 (e.g., for an Ali’i, Journeyman, Precise 16340, Precious-S and -M, 5.2V Tekk) … to
  • $150-200 (e.g., for an Ali’i Variable Volt, Fist Pack, most GGs, Precise 18650, Precious-L, Multi-Voltage Tekk). The GG Telescopic Storm with AVS is $239.

Shown below (and linked above) are some mods I never got around to mentioning previously.

Surprisingly perhaps, small size, high/variable voltage, and features like juice feeding have relatively little impact on cost (any of those can be had for under $70) … unless you want the best of two to four of those in the same device (e.g., those models in the top two price brackets). High mAh has a greater impact (e.g., the least expensive 18650-based mods are the $80 Chuck and XHaler).

But the most significant factors impacting price are: sophisticated engineering (e.g., as the shortest and thinnest mods for the batteries contained therein, the Precious and Precise are among the most expensive) and craftsmanship (e.g., the beautiful wooden Ali’i and P Woodie Feedie command higher price tags than the WetBox or MrPuffer).

Overwhelmed? Understandable. These ain’t no short, skinny 510 batteries you just screw onto your atomizer. [However, don’t expect me to feel too sorry for you. You didn’t have to research all this stuff!]

If you are overwhelmed and turned off … mods aren’t for you (yet).

But if you are overwhelmed and excited … step back and reflect on what you want in a mod at this stage of your vaping career. [And keep in mind your bank account.]

Which of those parameters (and to what degree) are most important to you? For example:

  • Do you want good mAh (but it doesn’t have to go on forever), 3.7V (because you plan to use LR attys), fairly small (but not necessarily the smallest) size, in a tubular shape, don’t care about juice feeding, and have up to $100 to spend? [And don’t forget the batteries, charger, and atomizers (and, perhaps, adapter) you’ll need to buy.]
  • Or do you want the best of the best (by whatever criteria you care about) and have oodles of dollars (or pounds or euros) to splurge?

You’ve seen here the models that fit the bill. Investigate them further: study the description and specs on suppliers’ websites … read reviews and watch review videos (e.g., those linked on ViZi’s site and by searching for them on the forums and YouTube) … and read forum posts by owners of those mods.

And then … grab the tiger by the tail and go for it!

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