808 Mega Dual Coil Kit from SmokTek

808 Mega Dual Coil Electronic Cigarette

The 808 eGo Mega Dual Coil electronic cigarette kit from SmokTek is a lot of good things in one package. ¬†It conforms to the eGo “fat batt” form factor, but uses an 808 connection for compatibility with other KR808-D1 cartomizers. ¬†The kit comes well equipped and even comes in a nice zippered carry case.

eGo Electronic Cigarette Carrying Case

The Batteries

The 900mAh batteries provide enough power to last most electronic cigarette users all day and will be a nice upgrade for those using smaller 808 electronic cigarette batteries.  Both batteries included with the kit are also equipped with a mini USB port that allows them to be used as a passthrough.  When plugged in to virtually any USB port with the included cable, the battery is constantly charged for endless vaping.  A standard USB charger and wall adapter are included with the kit as well.  When not used as a passthrough, a small chrome cap screws on to cover the port.  The batteries also include the 5-click shutoff option.  By depressing the button five times in rapid succession, the battery is turned off, making for a very pocket or purse friendly electronic cigarette.  The button glows a purplish-blue when depressed and is the only light on these electronic cigarette batteries.

808 Mega Dual Coil Electronic Cigarette

The Cartomizers

The Mega Dual Coil cartomizers are another nice addition to the 808 style electronic cigarette lineup. ¬†They hold up to 3ml of liquid – enough to keep up with the all-day capacity of the batteries. ¬†Filling is easily accomplished by dripping at an angle into the cartomizer until the filler is saturated. ¬†During a week’s worth of use, there was no leakage and the cartomizers are still performing well. ¬†Three of the Mega Cartomizers are included with the kit and each comes with a soft tip about the size of a cigar. ¬†When the cartomizer is attached to the battery, the total length is 17mm and the comparison to a cigar is unavoidable.

Mega Dual Coil Cartomizer


The Mega Dual Coil cartomizers and 900mAh batteries combine to make a very satisfying and long lasting electronic cigarette experience.  The vapor, and there is a lot of it, is mild and flavorful.  The draw is very easy and massive amounts of vapor are produced.  The resulting throat hit is on the mild side, however.  As with other dual coils, the flavor and vapor stays consistent until the cartomizer needs to be refilled and no burning or bad flavor occurs unless they are run completely dry.  From an aesthic standpoint, this is a good looking electronic cigarette, with the chrome bottom and center ring nicely accentuating the matte black finish of the battery.  The black finish on the included cartomizers does not exactly match the battery, although an additional 1.5ohm cartomizer that I received did.

808 Mega Dual Coil Electronic Cigarette


This electronic cigarette kit has a lot going for it.  Big batteries for the 808 model alone are worth a look and the passthrough option makes them even more appealing.  The huge capacity of the Mega cartomizers make for a low maintenance all-day electronic cigarette.  The carrying case adds even more value.  Everything except the liquid is included.   The 808 Mega Dual Coil kit is a great value and would make a great place to start for those looking for their first electronic cigarette.


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