Altsmoke Omega Review

Altsmoke Omega Electronic Cigarette

The Omega

The Omega from Altsmoke is a great looking variation on the big battery mod.  Like many other mods, the Omega takes an 18650 battery, meaning that it will provide all day if not multiple day vaping for most users.  Where the Omega stands apart is in the design of the switch.  In fact, at first glance there doesn’t actually appear to be one.  Unlike most mods that have a switch on the side or bottom, the mechanical switch on the Omega is on top and is activated by pressing the whole top of the device towards the bottom.   It actually sounds a little awkward, but when holding the device in a fist, the thumb is naturally inclined to sit at the top in perfect position to activate the switch.  The spring inside provides just enough pressure to make unintended firings unlikely.  Two holes in the bottom provide venting in the event of a battery malfunction.

Altsmoke Omega Electronic CigaretteDesign

The mechanical design of the Omega is quite simple, putting it in a class of devices that very little can go wrong with.  When the top end is depressed, a small pin contacts the positive end of the battery and that’s all there is too it.  No regulators, no wires, not even a separate switch to cause trouble.  A heavy spring in the bottom serves as the negative battery contact and also keeps everything snug.  Everything fits together quite well, with only an unavoidable slight rattle from the mechanical switch assembly at the top.

The lack of the aforementioned switch makes it possible to design quite a sleek looking tube mod.  In the case of the Omega, there is very little exterior enhancement to detract from the clean look.   The body is slightly contoured making for a more comfortable grip, a series of circular grooves are cut into the top and the Omega logo is etched into the bottom.  The 510 fitting is recessed into the top and is nearly flush with the top of the body.  Clean and functional is the design goal here and it is achieved well.  The finish is attractive as well and shows no signs of wear that cheaper mods often succumb to.

Altsmoke Omega Electronic Cigarette


The Omega performs just as expected in terms of power and vapor.  With a fully charge 18650 battery and a 1.7ohm cartomizer attached, it puts out over 3.7 volts under load, making for a very enjoyable vape.  The switch assembly works flawlessly, with just enough feedback pressure to make unintended presses unlikely.  This feature also makes the Omega very pocket friendly.  Although there is no real way to turn the device off other than disconnecting the atomizer, the design is not prone to pocket misfires.


The Omega from Altsmoke is a unique design among big battery electronic cigarette mods.  From an operational standpoint it does exactly what it is supposed to, but the real value comes in the sturdy craftsmanship and good looking styling.  At nearly $100 it is not a budget mod, but is probably a still a good value when styling and longevity are factored in.







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