Anyvape AnyMOD Menu Guide

How to use the button to access the features:

In General, 3 quick clicks enters and exits the menu system or menu item, 1 click cycles through options and 2 clicks selects an option.

To turn the AnyMOD on:

5 button clicks will turn on the mod after a brief logo splash screen.

Once the menu is displayed, either select Power on or click 3 times to exit the menu and begin vaping.

There are two types of screens that will be displayed.  The main screen shows the atomizer ohms, battery charge and power settings.  The menu screen shows the various settings available in the menu system.

Changing voltage and wattage:

  • From the main screen, press 2 clicks to enter the quick setting feature
  • Increase volts/watts with single clicks or by holding the button – values will increase to maximum and then cycle back to minimum
  • Press 2 clicks to exit the quick setting menu

Entering the Menu system

  • 3 clicks enter the Menu system from the main screen

When in the menu:

  • 1 click to advance to the next option
  • 2 Clicks to select a value  or enter sub menu
  • 3 Clicks to exit the current menu or sub-menu

Menu Description:

  1. – Sleep: put the device to sleep.  Press the button to wake it back up.
  2. – Power Off: shuts the device down – can be turned back on again by clicking 5 times.
  3. – Model Set
    1. – VV Model: Sets Variable Voltage mode – the home screen will display the voltage output.
    2. – VW Model: Sets Variable Wattage mode  – the home screen will display the watttage output.
    3. – MOD: Sets Unregulated mode (mechanical mod)  – the home screen will display the current battery voltage.
  4. Screen
    1. 15 sec: the screen will stay on 15 sec after using the device.
    2. 30 sec: the screen will stay on 30 sec after using the device.
    3. 1 min: the screen will stay on 1 minute after using the device.
    4. 3 min: the screen can stay on3 minutes after using the device.
  5. – Atomizer Resistance: checks & display the atomizer resistance.
  6. – Battery Info: checks and display both the current battery voltage as well as the current charge % of the battery (e.g.: 3.6V & 35%).
  7. – Device SN: Displays the device Serial Number.
  8. – Discharging: Enters the Power Bank Mode (discharge the battery to recharge an iPhone for example).  The AnyMOD will continue to function as a power bank until the button is pressed twice to exit.

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