Dual Coil Atomizer from EVCigarettes

I recently received a 510 dual coil atomizer from EVCigarttes.  Dual coils are a relatively new development in the world of electronic cigarettes, but have been in use in cartomizers for a while now.  The technology has resulted in cartomizers that offer excellent performance on regular 3.7 volt devices such as eGo, Rivas and mods.

The Benefit of Dual Coils

In a dual coil device, two coils are activated in parallel, effectively cutting the resistance in half.  On an electronic cigarette, this means more heat at the same voltage as compared to higher resistance and many vapers enjoy the performance of a 1.5ohm, or low resistance (LR) atomizer or cartomizer on a 3.7v device.  Dual coil (DC) cartomizers also seem to be less prone to burning than their single coil counterparts, likely due to the broader heating area that the two coils provide.

Dual Coils in an Atomizer

The dual coil atomizer provides similar performance gains over normal resistance atomizers.  Although the resistance is quite comparable to a typical LR atomizer, the improved design offers other gains in performance.  The second coil improves performance by lowering resistance and adding heating area, and in an atomizer the benefit is even more pronounced.   The DC atomizer we tested showed resistance of around 1.6ohms, which is on par with a Joye 510 LR atomizer.


At 28mm the tube of the dual coil atomizer a little longer than the 25mm of a typical 510 atomizer, but still short of the 36mm of a typical cartomizer.  Inside of that tube, the design of the atomizer has been improved quite a bit.  As seen in the breakdown below, the DC atomizer utilizes a more robust wick system to  get liquid to the coils, with each coil having its own wicks.  The result is that more  e-liquid can be dripped into the atomizer and the it seems to get to the coils much more evenly.  The design also improves the draw versus a typical atomizer.  The draw is very easy and even.

510 Dual Coil Atomizer


As mentioned above, the performance of the 510 dual coil atomizer is similar to that of a typical low resistance  atomizer, with the added benefits of being able to wick a little more e-liquid and an easier draw.  As with other LR atomizers, the DC will work well with 3.7v devices, but should only be used with electronic cigarette batteries above 650mAh.  Some users have reported issues with LR atomizers on eGo and Riva style batteries, but our extended usage has been faultless.  The 510 dual coil atomizer from EVCigarettes is a nice option in the LR range and is definitely worth a look.

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