eGo-B Pen Cap

The eGo-B Pen Cap

When I first saw the new eGo-B with the pen clip at MyFreedomSmokes, I was immediately intrigued. Even with a bunch of other personal vaporizers (PVs) around, an eGo with a low resistance (LR) atomizer and drip tip is still my all-day, every-day device. The size and simplicity are what I want in an electronic cigarette. The pen clip cap on the eGo-B looked to be a useful addition to a proven device.

I must admit that I was a little disappointed that this is not a Joyetech product. The initial description stated that it was Joye, but that was quickly changed to reflect the fact that it is not. The button is quite similar to the Joye product, but the button housing, lit bottom ring and packaging appeared not to be, so I did wonder from the outset whether it was Joye. Plenty of other companies make quality products, as evidenced in the Riva line, but knowing an eGo is a Joye eGo just makes me a little more comfortable. That said, the overall quality of this device seems excellent.

Attractive packaging

The eGo-B kit comes packaged in a black flip-top box that attractively displays two complete ecigs, both equipped with pen caps. The caps and beautiful gloss black finish make the kit even more reminiscent of a nice pen and pencil set that often comes to mind when opening a new electronic cigarette kit. The package also contains a USB charger with wall adapter, five prefilled cartridges and an instruction manual.

eGo-B Pen Cap kit

The batteries

Although battery conditioning seems largely unnecessary with newer battery technology, the manual states that the batteries should be initially charged for 8 hours, used for 20 minutes and then charged for another hour. Whether it’s necessary or not, I typically follow the directions just to be on the safe side. Because of the design of the battery, the charger has the threads exposed to compensate for the recessed threads of the atomizer connector. The batteries will not fit into a typical eGo/Riva charger.

These batteries are rated at 1100mAh and two days of heavy vaping before a recharge seem to bear out that statement. Once depleted, 3 hours is all it takes to recharge. At 96mm and 1.4oz. the batteries are similar to the comparable 1000mAh eGo batteries. Unlike the new 1000mAh eGo batteries, they do not incorporate the 5-click on/off feature which would be nice to see in all batteries.

These batteries have several unique design elements. The gold band housing the switch is curved inward and provides a nice spot for the finger opposite the button to rest. Along with the lit button, which is quite similar to a Joye eGo in size and feel, there is also a ring at the base of the battery that lights up when the button is pressed. Finally, the atomizer connector is slightly recessed. Rather than the atomizer base sitting on top of the battery, the atomizer now fits down inside slightly. Air holes at the base of the cone threads allow for appropriate air flow. The battery itself is sealed.

Connector and base LED ring

According to the specifications these batteries should deliver 3.3 to 4.2v, which doesn’t appear to be totally correct. Quite honestly, though, the findings are a little confusing. I test battery output by using an adapter that allows for testing of the voltage between the battery and atomizer during use. On a standard eGo battery, the reading is 3.2v under load, just where I would expect it to be. On these batteries, the reading is a consistent 3.0v under load. The strange part is that while one would expect lackluster performance at 3v, the vape actually seems a little better than the regular eGo, and I’m at a loss as to why. It makes me wonder if my test approach leaves something to be desired or if this is a result of the way the air is drawn through the center of the atomizer. Any helpful comments on this subject would be appreciated.

Atomizers and cartridges

Two regular atomizers are included with the kit and both tested at around 3.0 ohms. Little to no primer fluid was present and great flavor is delivered right from the start. The cartridges are not clearly marked as to content, but I would guess 24mg USA Tobacco mix. The flavor is good for a prefilled cart. Although they are not recommended for eGo type batteries, I use LR atomizers on all of mine and the eGo-B is no exception. It has performed exceptionally well over the past two days with one.

The cone and cap

The cone is another unique feature of this PV. Rather than being tapered to a flush fit with the atomizer, the cone on the eGo-B has a lip at the end that the cap clicks onto. It looks a little different than the typical eGo, but is unobtrusive. Another nice feature of the cone is that it has an opening large enough to accommodate a standard cartomizer. The base of the cone appears to fit flush with the gold band on the battery, but there are actually small notches that allow airflow to the holes in the battery at the base of the threads as described earlier. It’s an unusual approach that seems to work quite well. Blowing into the atomizer causes vapor to come out the base of the cone, illustrating the concept. The draw is the same as a typical eGo.

Cone and vents

When not in use, the final unique feature can be put into play. A nicely crafted pen cap snaps securely over the entire atomizer and cone assembly, flush with the gold band on the battery. The result looks exactly like a nice pen and makes the unit easy to carry in a shirt pocket. At 2.4oz. completely assembled, it feels like a pretty hefty pen, but I got used to carrying it pretty quickly. Of course, the button is still exposed, but the concave design of the housing seem to aid in preventing unintended firing.

Plenty of vapor from the eGo-B


This is a keeper. It feels good in the hand and clips nicely in the pocket. Performance is good with the included atomizers and great with my LRs. Fit and finish are excellent and everything goes together smoothly. It’s the best looking eGo I’ve had and everyone I’ve showed it to has loved the looks and features. In short, I am a big fan of eGos and this is my favorite so far. At $59.95 from MyFreedomSmokes, it’s not a bargain kit, but is certainly worth the price.

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