eGo-T LCD Electronic Cigarette Kit

eGo-T LCD Electronic Cigarette Kit

eGo-T LCD Kit

The eGo electronic cigarette model has been around long enough to attract a loyal following for its stability and ease of use and the variations keep on coming. Most of the variants are limited to battery capacity or visual design elements, but a few incorporate some useful features. The eGo-T LCD from My Freedom Smokes is one of the latter, with its LCD readout and a nice surprise in the voltage department.

The eGo-T LCD Kit

The eGo-T LCD electronic cigarette kit includes everything needed to start vaping, with the exception of the e-liquid, which must be purchased separately. Two LCD equipped 650mAh batteries and two type A tank atomizers are included, which means that two full electronic cigarettes are at your disposal. Five empty tank cartridges, a USB charger with wall adapter, pouch and a manual round out the kit. Two button protectors are also included, which is curious considering that they pale in comparison to the 5-click on/off feature for preventing accidental button presses. Everything is included in a nice sliding box.

eGo-T LED Electronic Cigarettes

eGo-T LCD Electronic Cigarettes

The Batteries

The LCD equipped batteries are the advertised feature of this electronic cigarette kit. At the base of each battery is a small LCD screen that displays a graphical four-bar battery charge representation, which is essentially indicating the voltage. The feature works pretty well, although it generally displays one less bar when under load than it does with nothing connected. The voltage under load is what really counts in an electronic cigarette anyway, but it effectively means that the indicator only has three meaningful levels. The LCD readout also includes a numerical puff-count readout that resets when the battery is charged. The display changes reads “OFF” when the battery is charged and “C” when it is charging. Adding an LCD readout by necessity means that length is added and at 100mm, these 650mAh batteries are roughly the same size as their 1000mAh siblings.

eGo-T LCD Readout

eGo-T LCD Readout

The LCD readout is the unique visible feature of these electronic cigarette batteries, but the most notable improvement is under the skin. Unlike their 3.2v regulated predecessors, the eGo LCD batteries are unregulated. This is big news for eGo lovers who like a little warmer vape. Hot off the charger, the eGo LCD measured 4.13v unloaded and 3.78v under load with a reading of 3 bars (loaded) on the battery indicator. After 148 puffs (kind of nifty to know that information for a change, huh?), the battery measured 3.83v and 3 bars unloaded and 3.50v and 2 bars under load. Voltage dropped to 3.69v and 2 bars unloaded and 3.36v and 1 bar under load by the time I reached 284 puffs. Somewhere around three hundred puffs and 3.2v loaded, the battery cut off and the button began blinking to indicate charging was needed.

The Type A Tank Atomizers

The tank atomizers included with the eGo-T LCD electronic cigarette kit performed on par with other tank atomizers reviewed in the past, which is to say good, but not exceptional. The tank system is easy to use and requires no syringe. The cap that contacts the atomizer simply pops off for filling and nearly 1ml of juice can be dripped in. When inserting the cartridge, it seemed like a lot of force would be necessary to make the atomizer pierce the cartridge, and piercing the cartridge with a sharp object prior to inserting in the atomizer is recommended. From that point on, the type A atomizer performed perfectly, losing no flavor or vapor right up to the point that the cartridge was empty, which would make for a great first electronic cigarette experience. Vapor and flavor were good, although I expected a little more warmth out of these atomizers that measured only 2.1ohms. Vapor warmth and throat hit deteriorated notably as the battery voltage dropped, as well. This cooler vapor seems to be characteristic of the airflow design of the eGo mega electronic cigarette atomizers, however.

eGo-T Type A Electronic Cigarette Cartridge

The Type A Cartridge


The eGo-T LCD electronic cigarette kit from My Freedom Smokes is a great kit. The LCD readout is a nice feature, but only part of the value. The unregulated voltage of the batteries is the real notable factor of this kit. Solid eGo performance combined with the easy to use tank system make this a great first electronic cigarette choice. And speaking of value, My Freedom Smokes has priced these at $49.99, which ranks it among the best deals for an eGo electronic cigarette kit.

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