eGo-V Variable Voltage Battery Review

eGo-V electronic cigarette batteryIf there is one reason that an eGo Twist sits at home while a larger more cumbersome ZMAX is in my pocket, it’s battery life.  Not so much the fact that the ZMAX lasts a lot longer on a charge, but more so the fact that I’m never sure exactly how much charge is left in the Twist.  Recently, we received an eGo-V from Viper Vape that does a good job addressing this particular Twist shortcoming with the inclusion of an LCD screen.eGo-V electronic cigarette battery

The defining feature of the eGo-V is a backlit LCD screen near the end of the battery that displays the current voltage setting and a four bar battery life indicator.  Just press one of the two buttons and remaining battery life is available at a glance.  Those two buttons also change the voltage up or down by .1v increments.  Pressing both buttons simultaneously for a little over 3 seconds locks and unlocks the voltage setting to avoid an inadvertent voltage change.  Of course, we’d love to also see a resistance check function that is found on many APVs.

eGo-V electronic cigarette batteryThe top of the battery is standard issue, with eGo outside threads and a 510 connector and a familiar fire button with the 5-click shutoff feature.  The bottom holds another nice feature, however, with the inclusion of a USB port for charging that also allows the battery to function as a passthrough.  It appears that charging is limited to the use of the included USB cord, as I was unable to charge the battery with a regular eGo charger.  The USB connector is a mini version that is slightly different from the one found on many portable devices, so don’t lose the included cord!

eGo-V electronic cigarette batteryThe addition of the screen and buttons create what is the only real drawback of this battery which is the length.  The 900mAh version that we tested measures 135mm.  That’s nearly the same as a ZMAX and quite a bit longer than a typical eGo.  It’s still thin and light enough to be comfortable in a pants pocket, however.

eGo-V electronic cigarette battery

The 3.0-6.0 volt range of the  eGo-V is broader than the 3.2-4.8 volt range of the Twist, although the apparent limitation of just under 9 watts is about the same.  What this means  is that the maximum of 6 volts will only be reached when using a 4.0 ohm or about cartomizer.  In practice this isn’t a real big deal and I have been getting a very satisfactory vape out of a 2.2 ohm EVOD at 4.5v.  Just as with the Twist, however, don’t expect this slimmer battery to rival the power output of a more robust device like the ZMAX or Provari.

eGo-V electronic cigarette battery

The battery indicator seems to do a good job of monitoring battery life and I have been getting consistent output even below half charge.  The 900mAh stated capacity of this battery seems pretty accurate, too, as I have gotten nearly a days worth of use out of it.

eGo-V electronic cigarette batteryI really like this battery, even if it is a little long.  It’s nice to be able to check the remaining charge before heading out the door and it has plenty of capacity to last me while I’m out and about.   As a slim and inexpensive pocket device, it’s exactly what I was looking for.  At $30 from Viper Vape, it’s an affordable variable voltage device for either an entry level vaper or someone like me that just wants something inexpensive to carry around.  15offvape will get you 15% off that price as well.





Note:  The eGo-V shown above was provided by Viper Vape for the purposes of this review.  As always, we try very hard not to let that get in the way of an objective review.  Demo products make it possible for us to bring these reviews to you.



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