EM Titanium 510

The Titanium EM 510

Celestino at EVcigarettes recently offered to send me an EM 510 Dual Starter Kit for the purposes of a review.  It had been awhile since I gave away my last 510 battery to a friend in need, so I took him up on the offer.  I thought it would be interesting to again try out what many new vapers still choose as their first ecig.  What follows is an unbiased review with a little instruction thrown in for those considering this as their first purchase.

The familiar 510

The 510 electronic cigarette has been around for a couple of years now.  Many vapers greeted its introduction with open arms.  The vapor produced by the 510 atomizer was impressive compared to that of earlier e-cigarette models.   Since then, the 510 atomizer has become a standard and the little 510 mini has begotten a long line of bigger and better e-cigs and mods equipped to use the 510 atomizer.  Unfortunately, these longer lasting batteries highlight the main shortcoming of the original 510 e-cig, its short battery life.

The Titanium 510 kit

EVcigarettes carries the 510 in a variety of colors and the kit I received came in Titanium.  The kit arrived in a sturdy two piece white box that contained two titanium finish manual batteries and a charger, two atomizers, five empty cartridges and an instruction manual.  EVcigarettes also includes two 10ml bottles of e-liquid with their kits, so the package arrives with everything needed to get started.  Getting started is made even easier with several pages of information and helpful tips that are included with the shipment.  These tips are a helpful addition and should address many of the questions that a new user may have.

A kit with everything needed

The Titanium EM 510 batteries are classy looking.  The titanium finish is glossy and has a sparkle to it in direct sunlight and the clear coating seems like it will hold up well.  The kit came with two manual batteries, meaning that you need to press the button to engage the atomizer and produce vapor.  Manual ecigs are generally more trouble free and preferred over automatic batteries for the control they provide.  At only 9.3mm wide and 67mm long, these batteries are small and comfortable to hold and carry.  The fully assembled 510 e-cig measures under 113mm.  As mentioned earlier, short battery life is the trade-off for this compact package.  The typical vaper can only expect a few hours of vape time between charges, meaning that carrying at least one extra battery is a must.  The included charger can be plugged into the wall adapter or USB port and will bring them back to life, but only after a couple of hours.

Two regular EastMall 510 atomizers are included with the kit and were ready to go right out of the box.  There was little or no primer fluid in them, meaning that they taste great right from the start, but should not be used before adding any e-liquid.  The only complaint about the atomizers is that the titanium color did not exactly match that of the battery,  resulting in two shades of color on an otherwise beautiful electronic cigarette. The batteries and atomizers apparently do match on other colors of the EM 510 and I have been assured that this minor issue will be corrected on the next batch from the manufacturer.

Cartridges ready for filling

Rather than prefilled, the kit from EVcigarettes includes 5 empty cartridges.   The taste of typical prefilled cartridges is usually nothing special and the selection of flavors limited, so starting off by filling their own carts will likely give new users an even better first experience.  EVcigarettes makes this easy by including two 10ml bottles of juice with the kit purchase that are chosen at the time of purchase by selecting individual drop down boxes for each liquid choice.  It makes the process simple for new users and ensures that enough e-juice is included to get started.  The liquids are Dekang brand in a 50/50 PG/VG blend, also a good place to start.

The cartridges are typical round tip 510 type, so filling is a simple process. ¬†Just remove the cover to expose the fiber filling material and then remove that as well. ¬†Tilt the dropper bottle above the cart and fill to within about a ¬ľ inch of the top. ¬†Slip the filling back into the cart (a pair of tweezers will simplify this part) and add a drop or two to the filling to moisten it if necessary. ¬†The filler should be clearly wet, but remove any excess liquid pooling on top of it by dabbing with a paper towel.

Cartridge filling

That’s all there is to filling and the cartridge can now be inserted into the atomizer on the 510.  If this is the first time it has been used, dripping a few drops of liquid onto the atomizer before inserting the cart will get things started a little quicker.

The three components of the EM 510

Vaping experience

The EM 510 performs well over all and delivers just what is expected from a mini electronic cigarette.  Vapor and flavor production is good and the filled cartridges work pretty well until empty.  After using larger  personal vaporizers for quite some time now, I found it enjoyable to just throw the 510 in my pocket and go.  The larger batteries obviously have more to offer in the way of performance and battery life, but the 510 still has its place.  Particularly for those that really want something close to the size of a cigarette, the EM510 from EVcigarettes is a good value.  The included two bottles of e-liquid and comprehensive documentation really add a lot of value.  Enter the coupon code vapingguides at checkout to get 15% off your order and make this an even better deal!

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