GoodeJuice: Four Tasty Tobacco Flavors

GoodeJuice e-liquid

If are familiar with my hardware reviews and think well of them … you’re in for a disappointment. [Not in the subject of this review; it’s good stuff. But in the reviewer.] Gathering and stringing together facts and photos comes easily to me; describing my subjective impressions does not. But, then again, if you have found me to be longwinded (you won’t be the first), you may really like this one: it’s relatively short. Be that as it may…

For the past couple weeks, I’ve been enjoying some e-liquid that Luigi of GoodeJuice sent me to try out and review. [FYI: Luigi is the partner of nick78, who has a more visible presence on ECF.] I didn’t pay for it and you should also know that GoodeJuice is an advertiser here on Vaping Guides (although we do not benefit from any sales).

Because I prefer tobacco flavors, that’s what he sent me. But these are only four of Luigi’s and Nick’s 30 tobacco flavors – and of over 100 other flavors – some of which are quite unique. Their juice can be ordered in any of these nicotine strengths: 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg, 32mg. I went with my preferred level, which happens to be 12mg. You can choose all PG, all VG, or 50/50 PG/VG. I chose the 50/50 blend.

GoodeJuice juice (sounds redundant, eh?) is available in 3-ml, 6-ml, 10-ml, 15-ml, and 30-ml bottles. [I was sent 15-ml bottles.] As you would expect, they become increasingly cost effective as you increase bottle size, e.g., 3-ml is a pricey $3, but 30-ml is only $13, which I regard as a very good price, especially for US-made e-liquid.

With one possible exception, all four bottles contain high quality, true-tasting e-liquid and generate good vapor and TH. I personally like some flavors more than others. Since smokie recently reviewed two of the same flavors, I’ll be referencing his opinions for contrast and comparison. Here – in ascending order of my preference – are my subjective impressions (preceded by excerpts from GoodEjuice’s descriptions):

Congo Craze: “hard hitting tobacco eliquid that satisfies…you don’t know what it is but you just can’t stop vaping it…infusing five of our top flavors.”

Congo Craze e-liquid

I am pretty sure that one of those flavors is banana. In fact that (plus tobacco) is all that I taste. It tastes like real banana, not some phony baloney stuff. I just don’t like banana-tasting e-liquid. smokie does like Congo Craze (as does Atari), although he didn’t pick up the same overpowering banana taste I do.

555 Tobacco: “can be compared to the popular 555 State Express brand…a nutty tobacco blend.”

555 e-liquid
On this one, smokie and I are pretty much in agreement. It has that peanutty taste of 555, although subtler than my favorite 555 that is packed in Maxx Fusion (and now VOLT) 555 cartomizers. The problem is that there is an unpleasant undertaste I couldn’t identify. After watching his review (and smelling some vodka), I think that smokie is correct about that being an alcohol taste, although I wouldn’t describe it as “bitter.” For me (and smokie) it doesn’t work in e-liquid, at least when combined with tobacco and peanuts. This is the juice, to which I was referring when I said “one possible exception.”

House Blend Tobacco: “If we told you what’s in it, it wouldn’t be ours anymore now would it?” [That doesn’t help very much, does it?]

House Blend e-liquid

Now we’re into the good stuff! In fact, House Blend is a close second in my ranking to the next flavor. It’s too bad smokie didn’t review it. Too bad for him, because it is so enjoyable … and too bad for this review, to provide additional insight. In addition to a wonderful tobacco, I detect a slight citrus taste, which provides lightness and refreshment. I may very well lay out some of my own cash to order more of this.

Goodebacco: “A Deep, Dark Five Layer Infused Tobacco…Full Flavor Tobacco.”

Goodebacco e-liquid Note: Goodebacco is not longer available, but the Commercial Tobacco flavor is apparently very close. This time, the website description nails the taste IMO. I find it to be a deep, rich tobacco flavor with perhaps a hint of…chocolate(?). [Don’t hold me to that chocolate speculation; my taste buds are damaged by over 40 years of smoking analogs.] I’ve never found an “all day vape” (I’m a variety nut). Goodebacco is one of the few flavors that approaches it for me. And it is well named: it tastes good. Nothing “amusing” or overpowering that I would tire of. Same comments of regret about the lack of a smokie review. I definitely will be ordering 30 ml bottles of this stuff!


Remember that those are only four of GoodeJuice’s 30 tobacco flavors. And Luigi and Nick have many more in every other category of e-liquid: Menthol, Novelty, “Premium” (i.e., fruit and desert flavors), Bakery, Candy, Coffee Shop, Open Bar*, and Beverage. [Mine is not the first positive review of GoodeJuice – by a long shot – nor, I am sure, will it be the last. Most of those reviews have been of these non-tobacco flavors.]

* Actually, it is a cash bar, since you have to pay for it.

And they also offer 140 DIY Flavoring Extracts of what appears to be all of their premixed e-liquids … as well as Joye 510 kits, parts, and accessories.

If you’ve been living in the land of vaping anywhere near a long as I, you get tired of over-the-top reviews of e-liquid, which claim: This is the best in the world, bar none! Let me just say that I have found a handful of suppliers of juice that I especially like. GoodeJuice is one of them.

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  1. Gertrude "Trudy" says:

    GoodeJuice site search turns up zero on Goodebacco. How old is your review of GoodJuice products? And any suggestions on a substitute for Goodebacco?

    • Eric says:

      That review was from 2011 and it turns out that Goodejuice has since discontinued their Goodebacco flavor. According to the guys at Goodejuice, Goodebacco was very similar to their Commercial Tobacco which had become a lot more popular. Thanks for pointing this out, Trudy, and let us know if you give the Commercial Tobacco flavor a try!

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