Goodejuice House Brewed GJ4, Vita Bella and Wild Turkey

Goodejuice was kind enough to include some samples of new flavors with a recent order. Their House Brewed line continues to grow with the addition of even more delicious tobacco flavors. I reviewed four of the House Brewed flavors back in September and the recent additions are more of the same – rich, complex, flavorful e-liquids with excellent throat hit and vapor production.

If you like to try different takes on the RY4 flavor, GJ4 is a flavor that you shouldn’t pass up. While many RY4 flavors get overwhelmed with sweetness, Goodejuice’s take on the flavor is deep, rich tobacco with a caramel coating. And as with the other House Blends, that tobacco flavor is excellent and the added caramel flavor is as well.

The word unique is included in the description of Vita Bella on the Goodejuice site, and it is somewhat difficult to describe beyond that. There is a definite undertone that almost brings an analog flavor to mind, but the defining characteristic is its smoothness. The inhale is primarily tobacco with just a hint of sweetness and vanilla, while the exhale is more heavily tobacco. The combination makes for an excellent all day vape that stays interesting.

Like Vita Bella, Wild Turkey is also difficult to pin down to a particular flavor. This one, however, is all smooth tobacco from inhale to exhale and any sweetness seems to come from the tobacco itself. There is an apparent combination of at least a couple of different tobaccos that make it quite complex and satisfying. It is not quite as unique as Vita Bella, but would still make for a great all day vape for the tobacco lover.

At the risk of sounding too indulgent, I have not tried a House Brewed flavor from Goodejuice yet that I didn’t like. All of the tobacco flavors are excellent and available from 6mg to 32mg and have an excellent throat hit at my current 12mg. My only complaint is that the house extracted liquids are only available in 50/50 PG/VG mix, which is a little thicker than I prefer.

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