IkenVape’s 801 Fusion Cartomizer: Wowsa!

May 11, 2011, reported by DonDaBoomVape

NOTE: Unlike most of the products I’ve reviewed, I actually paid for this with my own soft-earned money, so no caveat is needed. [‘soft-earned’: social security + pension + book royalties + Vaping Guides ad revenue, i.e., all the hard work was in the past.]

Although I began my vaping career with the cartomizer-based Kr8, I quickly abandoned cartos because of their disconcerting undertaste and mediocre vapor production. I’ve spent the bulk of the past two years direct dripping with 801 atomizers.

Recently, however, I discovered (along with thousands of other vapers) that cartomizers have really improved. What first seduced me back into the carto world was the Bloog MaxX Fusion, which I reviewed in February. Both its supermini-sized battery and revamped carto are quite wonderful. And it made me aware how tired of dripping I had become.

Then Kent C gifted me with the eGo-T. Although the tanks designed for it are merely OK for my personal vaping, I’ve been trying other attys and cartos on it. My favorite 510 carto is the Smok Tech dual coil. Very impressive! [You heard it here…last.] I got mine ($2 ea) from Hoosier E-Cig Supply.

At around the same period of time, I tried out a couple different cartomizers from IkenVape, including the 801 Fusion.

Love is lovelier the second time around…

The deep, rich taste of the best penstyle atomizers (e.g., EastMall’s DSE801, Joye302, and Leo) and the convenience of a mega cartomizer! And, yes, it is kind of mega … at least relative to a standard Kr8 or 510 carto, although not as large as the dual coil (or certainly the Go-Go). Frankly, I’m not sure of its precise ml capacity. It’s not shown on the IkenVape site and I neglected to count the number of drops I put in the first time. [After a couple weeks (during which I’ve also vaped other cartos), I’m still on my first cartomizer, topping off about 10 drops at a time.]

With a small 510-to-801 adapter (e.g., $1 from Good Prophets), it fits a 510-based fat batt like the eGo perfectly, even with the cone – sticking out about as far as a dual coil without adapter. [NOTE: IkenVape also sells adapters (for $2.25), but they are larger.] In addition to the black shown above, it also is available in silver (the appearance of which is not accurately reflected in the photo below). This looks fantastic with a steel/aluminum drip tip (510/901-sized) on a chrome fat batt.

The 801 Fusion is rated 2.5 ohms, which is “LR” for an 801. It performs well on a 3.2V eGo, although I prefer it at 3.7V (e.g., on my 1100 mAh KGO from Hoosier). 5.5 watts may not sound impressive, but it hits great: massive vapor, strong TH, and…well I already mentioned the taste.

Isaac sells them for a buck eighty apiece ($1.70, if you order five of them). Even if you consider yourself a 510 vaper, I urge you strongly to give it a try. Highly recommended!

Now the bad news: IkenVape currently is out of stock (on both the black and silver). [I don’t like being a tease (well, at least, not in this case). I just had to get this review out of my system … and if it stimulates others to nag Isaac to bring it back in stock, so much the better.]

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