Madvapes Dual Coil 510 Tank Cartomizer


Madvapes Dual Coil Tank Cartomizer

I recently completed a cross country solo drive that, as you can imagine, involved quite a few mils of e-liquid and a handful of electronic cigarettes. Regular size dual coil cartomizers are my vape of choice when I can’t drip, but the 1 ml capacity means they don’t last all that long when vaping constantly. While making the trip, I topped off a few electronic cigarettes and extra cartomizers at each fuel stop. Of course, it was only after I got home that I saw that Madvapes was carrying a tank built around my favorite dual coil cartomizer.

Tanks for the electronic cigarette are nothing new and they’ve been created by modders and vendors alike for quite awhile. Madvapes has sold the supplies need to fashion a tank, but this is their first offering of a complete unit.

Before going any further, we should clarify the meaning of the term tank in this case. The term tank can mean one of two things in relation to the electronic cigarette. The term was originally used to describe the type of reservoir wrapped around a cartomizer that we are talking about here, but with the introduction of the eGo-T line, the term has come to refer to the large cartridges used with a particular type of large atomizer. The tank atomizer is typically specific to the eGo style of electronic cigarette, while the tanks like this one from Madvapes can be used on any 510 threaded device.

Madvapes Dual Coil Tank Cartomizer


As mentioned above, the Dual Coil Tank Cartomizer from Madvapes is essentially a relatively large tank wrapped around a dual coil electronic cigarette cartomizer. The tank holds a whopping 5ml of e-liquid that is drawn into the cartomizer as needed through a small hole in the side of the cartomizer.

Madvapes Dual Coil Tank Cartomizer


Filling the tank is easy.  Just remove the drip tip and gently pull the cartomizer out from the bottom until there is a gap at the top and then drip e-liquid into the gap while holding the tank at a slight angle.  Once it is nearly full, the cartomizer can be pushed back up.  A wide flange above the threads of the cartomizer stops it from being inserted too far and fits perfectly into a recessed area on the bottom of the tank.  E-liquid can then be dripped directly into the cartomizer to ensure it is well saturated before vaping.   Using this method the tank can easily be filled to about 3/4 capacity and a syringe would make it possible to get even more e-liquid into it.  Letting the cartomizer sit for a few minutes after filling is always a good idea.

Madvapes Dual Coil Tank Cartomizer


In use, the Dual Coil Tank is pretty much what was expected, a fantastic amount of vapor, great throat hit and good flavor – all at 3.7v.  Unfortunately, the cartomizer included with this unit fell well below the specified 1.6ohm and actually tests as low as 1.2ohm.  The result is that most of my eGo electronic cigarette batteries will not even attempt to power it and shut down immediately.  The one exception is an eGo passthrough that works fine. On variable voltage devices set to around 3.7v, the vape is fantastic and the tank is still half full after a days worth of use.  I enjoy the performance of the standard dual coil cartomizers as opposed to the mega sized, so the the added capacity of a tank with the standard dual coil is a perfect combination.

The cartomizer slides in and out of the tank quite easily, so I was a little concerned about leakage, but there has been absolutely none.  The drip tip fits in quite firmly and helps a little bit to prevent the tank from being inadvertently pulled off the cartomizer.  Overall, I have had no issues with using this tank and have enjoyed the convenience of not filling very often.  The biggest drawback to this inexpensive tank at the moment is the fact that Madvapes does not have replacement Dual Coil cartomizers listed.  Any cartomizer would work, but without the bottom flange and pre-drilled hole in the side, some modding would be required.  Update: Madvapes now carries 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5ohm dual coil replacement cartomizers for the tanks, so this is no longer an issue.

For twelve bucks, the Dual Coil Tank from Madvapes are definitely worth a try for anyone considering a tank and will likely become a convenient addition for a lot of vapers.  Now I just need to find a reason to take another long drive…



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