Pink Spot Eliquid Review

Every once in awhile we get the opportunity to try something that gets us out of our same old humdrum routine. Pink Spot Vapors recently provided some samples that did just that. Being primarily a tobacco eliquid vaper (as in all tobacco practically all the time) Pink Spot didn’t exactly grab my attention with their huge selection of fruit, drink and food flavors. They’ve had great reviews and yummy sounding flavors, but just weren’t really my thing. A few samples offered up by the folks at Pink Spot made me realize that a little variety is just what is needed to make vaping interesting sometimes.

The excellent customer service is the first thing that makes this eliquid supplier worth trying. My questions were answered very quickly and the staff seemed to take a genuine interest in providing an excellent vaping experience with their eliquid. I noticed on the site was that the PG/VG mix was not specified and that there was no nicotine level between 0mg and 12mg. After a quick email exchange I found out that any nicotine level and any PG/VG mix was possible just by putting my request in the notes of the order. In addition, a number of the flavors include a drop down box for “On the Rocks,” which adds a hint of menthol. There is a great level of customization available here.

The experience goes beyond just the flavor of the eliquid, too. Each bottle is labeled nicely with a full color label with customized text in the upper right corner. Mine said “Vaping Guides,” but customers can add their own personalized text in the order notes as well. The addition of “Happy Birthday” or “Get Well Soon” can make for a unique personalized gift of eliquid.

Of the flavors I tried, the namesake Pink Spot eliquid captured my attention the most with its blend of raspberry, pineapple and lime. The raspberry comes through quite a bit on the taste of the inhale, with the lime more prominent on the exhale. The pineapple is indistinct, but adds a little complexity to the overall flavor. Pleasantly surprising was that this mix was not overwhelmingly sweet. The flavors come through in just the right amount to make this an enjoyable vape for hours on end. I vape a 80pg/20vg mix at 8mg and this liquid provided good throat hit and very good vapor.

Raspberry Mojito was another flavor that I was pleasantly surprised by. While this flavor also sound very sweet, it actually tastes very much like the beverage it’s named after. The mint is prominent and what makes this flavor so enjoyable. Rather than just a cool spearmint, the flavor that comes through is remarkable similar to the taste of real mint leaves, particularly on the exhale. The flavor on this one is perfect and throat hit and vapor production are again very good.

For a very cool and refreshing vape, the Frozen Limeaid is hard to beat. As with the others, this flavor doesn’t overwhelm, but makes an excellent change when vaping heavier flavors. Menthol is the primary influence on the inhale, while lime becomes more evident on the exhale. Throat hit on this one is a little more subdued, due mainly to the cooling effect of the menthol. Vapor production is very good.

I tried several other Pink Spot Vapors flavors in addition to those listed above and was more than satisfied with all of them. The goal seems to be clean, clear eliquids with delicious flavors and I have to say that the goal is achieved. The vaper who enjoys sweets will easily find these to be great all-day vapes, while those of us who are stuck on tobaccos will certainly enjoy them as a change of pace.

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