Smok Tech Aluminum Ace

Smok Tech ACE VV/VWSmok Tech’s latest entry into the variable voltage/variable wattage vaping market cannot escape comparisons to the SID and the VAMO. It looks like a mashup of the two and incorporates many of the same features as well. The ACE is a great budget friendly APV that manages to be both big and light at the same time.


The ACE comes in two versions, aluminum and stainless steel, with a $5 to $12 difference between the two. The aluminum version is available in variety of colors. The silver aluminum version is reviewed here and the color and texture are identical to the SID. This also means that The end result is that the ACE is the same width as the SID and retains its light weight. At only 2.75 oz. without a battery, it’s a featherweight compared to the 4.8 oz. VAMO.
Smok Tech ACE VV/VW
Like the SID, both the top ring and tube are removable and parts are interchangeable between the two devices. The ACE is shipped configured with a tube for an 18650 battery, but shorter SID tubes for 18500 and 18350 batteries are also available.

While lighter than the VAMO, the SID is actually almost 6mm longer at 143mm. Button configuration is another attribute that is shared with the VAMO. Rather than the one button menu system of the SID, the ACE has three buttons nearly identical in function to the VAMO. The larger button fires the atomizer and 5 quick clicks turn the device on and off. Above the fire button are two smaller ones with “+” on the left and “-” on the right, which seems counter intuitive to me. Maybe Smoke was trying to differentiate the arrangement from the VAMO by reversing the buttons, who knows?

The “+” and “-” buttons increase or decrease the voltage or wattage. Holding both buttons at the same time switches between the two modes. Holding the “+” or “-” button displays remaining battery voltage and atomizer ohms respectively. The result is a device that is exceptionally easy to use with no menus to cycle through, with all the necessary information easily accessible.

The screen is much the same as the SID, but oriented horizontally as the device is held upright, making it easy to read when changing settings. It unfortunately suffers from one of my main gripes with the SID, that the display is nearly impossible to read in sunlight. The 5-click on/off feature eliminates a lot of my frustration, however, as I don’t need to find a shady spot just to turn it off and put it in my pocket.
Smok Tech ACE VV/VW
Like both of the devices that it seems to be modeled after, the ACE incorporates both 510 inner and eGo outer threads making it compatible with nearly every style of atomizer or clearomizer on the market. Like the SID the removable top ring with its wide opening allows it to work with even the wider clearomizers.


Performance is right on par with most of the mid range devices on the market. Settings range from 3 to 6 volts or 3 to 15 watts. In either mode, output is quite accurate right up to what appears to be a 3 amp limit. In tests the ACE willingly delivered over 5 volts with a 1.9 ohm tank attached, more than enough to make a good warm vape.

Button feel is excellent, with just enough resistance and a good click feedback when pressed. The fire button is a little sensitive to positioning and will often not fire when pressed off center. The most likely cause is that the button has a fair amount of play within the hole that it protrudes from. That probably makes it less likely that it will eventually stick, which is a good trade-off in my book.


The ACE delivers just what is expected in terms of performance in an easy to use package. Vapers moving up from an eGo will welcome the extra power coupled with the ability to use eGo toppers.
Even though it’s a little on the large side, the ACE is a nice everyday mod due to it’s light weight and easy on/off, features that make it easy to toss in a pocket on the way out the door. The relatively inexpensive price mean that I don’t mind beating it around, either. The ACE is available from a number of merchants for less than $50 and the one used for review was purchased from My Freedom Smokes for only $39.95.

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