Smok Tech eGo Mini

This is going to be a pretty short review of a very short battery. Set aside all of the high power, variable voltage and gee-whiz tanks and consider vape-to-weight ratio for a moment. Smok Tech has recently released a Mini 350mAh eGo style battery to complement their growing line of more advance devices. Mini 350 mAh Smok Tech eGo Battery

Sometimes good things do come in small packages.  Shown above with a Smok Tech shorty cartomizerand a short delrin drip tip, the Mini measures just 85mm and weighs just under an ounce.  By itself, the battery measures only 5.5mm and weighs just .7 ounces.  Other features are standard eGo fare including charging on via a standard eGo charger and a 5-click on off button.

Mini 350 mAh Smok Tech eGo BatteryThis little package delivers an impressive hit, though, due to its apparently unregulated power.  Unregulated, it measures 4.2v and around 3.4v under load with a 1.7 ohm cartomizer attached.  Pretty decent by eGo standards.  Of course, the diminutive size means a shorter battery life and the 350mAh will only last a few hours of moderate vaping.

I purchased this Mini from Madvapes just to have a look at it and do a review, but I find myself carrying it everywhere.  The tiny sie and 5-click on/off feature make it just too convenient to throw in a pocket, regardless of what other PV I’m carrying.

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