Smok Tech Tumbler BCC Tank

Tumbler BCC ecig tankBottom coil tanks have become quite popular lately, and are my current favorite.  The EVOD and Protank from Kanger Tech have set the bar for this design type and are subject to a  lot of imitation.  New releases from Smok Tech are a good example, with the new ARO and Trophy closely following the designs of the Kanger models.  The new Tumbler, however, is a completely new take on the bottom coil design.


All three of the new Smok Tech tanks use the same bottom coil changeable (BCC) head design which closely resembles that of the Kanger Protank.   In fact, although it looks quite similar, the head on the Smok Tech products is slightly different and not meant to be interchangeable with those of the Kanger products.  Candidly, I was able to get a Smok Tech head to work in an EVOD, but not conversly.Tumbler BCC Head

The Tumbler breaks new ground in what is wrapped around that head. ¬†It’s obvious that a lot of though went into the outward appearance. ¬†The shape looks like ¬†it was inspired by a bowling pin or bottle and is quite eye catching. ¬†The design is sleek, but perhaps a little odd, I’ll leave that decision up to you. A translucent tank integrates with the chrome mouthpiece and base nicely. ¬†The tank is plastic, but I haven’t seen any mention of what type of plastic, so it’s hard to tell whether it will stand up to some of the more detrimental e-liquids. The stated capacity is 2.5ml, but I was only able to get about 2ml in it without coming right to the end of the center tube.Tumbler BCC filling

The base incorporates an eGo fitting, which means that it has only the outside threads.  It will works perfectly with eGo style batteries, but will need an eGo adapter to work with a standard 510 fitting.  The tapered design of the base also makes an adapter necessary for use with devices that have a ring surrounding an eGo connection.  It will work with devices like the Evic or SiD with the top ring removed of course, but who wants to leave those threads exposed when attaching a tank as pretty as the Tumbler?  That is assuming that yo find the bowling pin shape appealing.  Unfortunately, the use of an adapter also creates a gap between the base and a device such as a ZMAX, again messing up an otherwise sleek appearance.  Someone should come up with a lower profile eGo adapter (hint, hint, Smok Tech).ZMAX and Tumbler BCC


I had a good idea of what the Tumbler was going to look like, but the performance was a pleasant surprise. ¬†Flavor and vapor production are on par with other BCCs I have tested, which is to say excellent. ¬†Where the Tumbler shines is in warmth of vapor and throat hit. ¬†It has a slightly harder draw than the airy Protank. ¬†I’m not sure whether it’s that or some other design element that gives it a stronger kick, but something in this design does. ¬†I typically vape at 10 watts whether I’m using a BCC, carto tank or atomizer. ¬†The Tumbler is better at 8 watts. ¬†The takeaway from that is that it is ideally suited for the Twist/Spinner/Winder type batteries with their lower amp limits. ¬†The 2.0ohm resistance is okay on a standard eGo battery, but really shines with a little over 4 volts.

Filling is extremely easy, as there is lots of room between the center tube and bulging tank.  Wicking was not perfect right out of the box, and I needed to blow into the mouthpiece frequently to keep the coil from drying out.  Once one of the top wicks was removed, however, it has performed perfectly.  See my recent post on BCC wick adjustment for more info on this common issue.Filled Tumbler BCC


The Tumbler is a really good looking tank with performance to match it’s good looks. ¬†The eGo-centric design limits the choices of how it can be used without an adapter, and the use of one spoils the look a little, though. ¬†For Ego style users, particularly those with variable voltage, it’s a great choice. ¬†I picked this one up from Madvapes for $9.99, which also makes it an economical choice, especially since replacement coils are only $1.49. ¬†Longevity is the main concern at this point, and I’ll let you know in a few weeks whether the Tumbler passes that test.

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  1. Amanda- IL says:

    Thanks for the thorough review & for sharing your thoughts. Just ordered myself a couple, so hopefully they’ll perform equally as well. Note: If you (or anyone reading) wants to pick these up~ this weekend would be the time! MadVapes has an automatically applied 10% off sale, for Labor Day. Combined w/ their current sale, using code: “vortex” it takes off another 10%, giving you 20% off anything you buy! Makes for a really attractive price on these things, imho! Not to mention…… they have some really pretty colored ones now, too! =P Happy vaping!

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