Smokbox VariCool Mod from Smok Tek

VariCool Mod

The Smokbox VariCool

The Smokbox VariCool variable voltage mod from Smok Tek is a nice addition to their line of box mods.  The line already includes budget priced 3.7v, 5v and variable voltage electronic cigarette box mods, but this is the first to use the VariCool technology.  Details on the VariCool will follow shortly, but in a nutshell, the technology allows the unit to run cooler and longer while providing optimal performance.

VariCool Mod

The outward appearance of the mod is pretty typical – a 3AA box converted into an electronic cigarette.  Box mods in general appeal to some users while turning others off.  Some users love the pocket friendly shape, economy and stealth factor of the box mod, while others feel like they’re smoking a garage door opener.  What is not debatable, however, is the fact that box mods are one of the least expensive ways to try an electronic cigarette and a particularly inexpensive way to try variable voltage.

Build quality on the Smokbox VariCool is exceptional.  This mod just feels solid. The components are securely glued in place and there is no evidence of movement in the atomizer connector.  The cover slides on easily and snaps in securely with no tools needed to remove or replace it. The batteries fit quite snugly, but are easy to remove and replace.  As stated on the SmokTek site, the blue Trustfire batteries are slightly longer than the grey and will not fit in this case.  Red AW cells will, however.

The switch on the VariCool is a black horn style, which engages with an easy press, but gives just enough resistance to make it difficult to depress by accident.  The box also includes a master on/off switch, which makes this a very pocket or purse friendly electronic cigarette.  When the button is pressed, a red LED lets you know the device is functioning.

VariCool Variable Voltage

Changing the voltage is accomplished by turning a small wheel located inside of the box.  No tools are necessary, but the case must be opened for access to the adjustment.  At first the idea of having the dial hidden away inside seemed cumbersome, but given the fact that voltage only needs to be adjusted occasionally, it actually makes a lot of sense.  There is no chance of accidentally bumping the dial and far less opportunity for damaging the potentiometer or its connection to the board.  The dial allows adjustment from 3.3v to 6.5v and when the white indicator mark is aligned with green and red marks indicates 3.7v and 5v settings respectively.  Midway between these is 4.2v, the sweet spot for many vapers.


In use, the VariCool delivers as promised.  There is virtually no heat given off by the components and the positive effect on battery life is noticeable.  A single charge on the batteries easily lasts for a day’s worth of vaping.  The regulated variable voltage stays constant throughout the charge of the battery, meaning the satisfaction of the vape does, too.  And speaking of satisfying, that’s where variable voltage really shines – no matter what type of atomizer or cartomizer you are using. 3.0 ohm cartomizers are great at 4.5v and dual coil 1.5 ohm really shine at 4.2v


For anyone wanting to try a variable voltage electronic cigarette, a box mod is an inexpensive way to start. It also makes for a great second device to have as a backup. The Smokbox VariCool from SmokTek adds even more value by offering cool performance and impressive battery life. This mod has definitely found a place among a few trusted devices to throw in my pocket on the way out the door. Whether I’m looking for maximum throat hit or a little milder flavor, the Smokbox VariCool electronic cigarette delivers.


  1. Rob says:

    Hi everyone! Just to let you know, there is a new White model VariCool available. Same great device, but in white which is great for summertime fun in the sun! Actually all of our box mods are available in white now, stop in and check us out. Thanks.

  2. Rob says:

    Thanks again for a great review on the VariCool! There is a new Stealth model available now. For those of you that don’t want a flashy LED on the outside, this new model has the LED located inside the box.
    Get More Vapor!

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