SmokEjuice Blue Review

I recently had the pleasure of receiving some samples of the SmokeEjuice Blue e-liquid from Smoktek.  The Blue line is made up of 100% organic flavors that are made in the USA.  The Blue line comes in a 40% PG / 60% VG mix in a choice of six strengths from 0mg to 24mg.

Cobalt blue glass dropper bottles give the e-liquid a rich appearance and the vaping experience does not disappoint.  The 60% VG mix provides lots of vapor while still giving a decent throat hit.  The flavors are tasty, if somewhat subdued, and that’s not a bad thing.  All of these flavors could easily be an all day vape without becoming overwhelming.

Rocky Mountain is perhaps the perfect example of that last statement.  I’m really at a loss to describe exactly what it tastes like, other than a good smoke.  While no particular flavor leaps out at me, that also means that I am not going to be thoroughly tired of it after vaping it for a day.

Ruyan 4  is relatively mild rendition of the classic Ruyan 4 flavor.  Many Ry4 variants have an overwhelming caramel component, but this one leans more toward a purer tobacco flavor with just a hint of the caramel and vanilla.  While it probably isn’t my favorite version of the venerable RY4 to date, it is again one that I’m much more likely to be satisfied with as an all day vape than some of the more flavorful ones.

I’m not normally a big fan of cherry tobaccos, so I was a little surprised to find that Cherry Pipe is one of my favorites from the Blue line.  Like the other flavors, it is subdued, which makes it so much more enjoyable than the typical cherry tobacco.  You can really taste the tobacco along with the cherry flavor, giving it a rich and satisfying flavor.

The food flavors are a little easier to pin down.  Caramel Crunch is like a good candy bar or tasty baked treat with its caramel and nut flavors, while B-12 Berry is a delicious mixed berry flavor.  While both of these have much more pronounced flavors, they are still not overwhelming as so many food flavored e-liquids seem to be.

I don’t do a lot of e-liquid reviews and the over-the-top flavor concentration of a lot of e-liquids is part of the reason why.  I have many half-full bottles of e-liquids that were fantastic to sample, but just too much for an all day vape.  I’ve had some that only became palatable after diluting with more PG and VG.

The Blue line is a welcome alternative and any one of the flavors I tried will easily stand the test of time, I think.  15ml bottles start at $7,49 and 30ml are $7 more so it’s a good value for an e-liquid with such clean flavors and organic ingredients.   There are also 5 and 10 bottle sample packs of 5 ml bottles available so you can try a number of flavors.  Check out the full line of Blue flavors at Smoktek.

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