An Illustrated Meta Review


[Let me hasten to clarify that all my dealings with Scott (ctconline), proprietor of new supplier, Vapin’ In the Cape, have simply been wonderful. No imperfections experienced.]


As a penstyle devotee, I have been intrigued by the Boge Leo from when I first heard about it just a few weeks ago. My first impression was that it was a fat batt (what I call these eGO-type thingies) for the 801, although I quickly discovered that the Leo has its own proprietary atomizer (which uses penstyle cartridges). But it still seemed to be in the right ballpark to sustain my interest.

Around the same time – and just as he was launching Vapin’ In the Cape – Scott and I struck up an ECF friendship. I learned that he would be carrying the Leo and we’ve been chatting about it. At my request, he sent me one last week to review. Since then, I’ve been putting my Leo through its paces (and it is my Leo: you can’t have it!).

[Standard caveat: I didn’t pay for it, but my review will be unbiased, yada yada. Judge for yourself by glancing at some of the other stuff I’ve written on or here on ECF.]

I call this a “Meta” review, since I’ve incorporated others’ video reviews (and stole some facts reported by Jackal3). It is “Illustrated” with photos shamelessly ripped from suppliers’ websites or reviewers’ videos.

Appearance and Specs

The Leo is 15 mm in diameter (a barely detectable 1 mm more than the eGO) and 153 mm long (much longer than the eGO and just shy of the penstyle’s 155 mm).


It is available in black, titanium, wood grain, burgundy red (shown above) or cigar (shown further below). I received the “titanium” color shown at the top of the review (which looks just like the brushed gold of my Elegant). It has a crystal at each end in clear, amber (shown above), or pink (as shown in this photo from the MadVapes website of the separated atomizer, battery, and protection cap).


MadVapes is another of an increasing number of Leo suppliers, including LiteCigUSA, Clouds of Vapor and eLiquidPlanet in the US … MistEliquid and Vapourettes in the UK … and EastMall and Boge itself in China. The US price is consistently $50. [Vapin’ In the Cape currently also offers two starter kits for $90.] Not all suppliers have all five colors of the device or all three colors of the crystals.

With the cap on, the Leo looks a lot like a cigar (particularly if you get it in the “cigar” color)…


…although you do have to take off the protection cap to vape it.


Leo’s battery is 800 mAh (slightly more than the Riva and Elegant, but less than the mega eGO) and ~3.4V (i.e., the same as all the other fat batts). The manual switch button lights when pressed and looks like the one on the Hello 016.


It is charged by unscrewing the crystal end-cap and plugging in the rather flimsy looking but functional USB charger. NOTE: This is not one of those fast chargers used by most of the other fat batts … nor does it function as a passthrough, although Jackal3 has just reported that there now is a PT version.



The unique atomizer (not compatible with anything else) is even larger than a penstyle atty and is 2.6 ohms: slightly more than the 510’s 2.3 and much less than the 801’s 3.5 ohms. [For a penstyle-type atomizer, it is at least somewhat “LR” (and probably about the same resistance as my beloved EastMall 801).] It is shown here next to a 510 atomizer (which obviously has seen some wear and tear). You can see just how big the Leo atty is.


It has a large high bridge. The size of the bridge (and the actual 2.6 ohm atomizer underneath) – combined with the long wide tube – may account for the outstanding quality of the vaping experience. I know that high-bridge attys are not as popular as low-bridge (at least among cart users), but no reviewer has yet complained about it. [Since I drip, I have no comment.]


The starter kit includes an assembled Leo, USB charging cable, and five penstyle cartridges filled with “High” Tobacco flavor (I’ve tasted worse). If you are interested in the package it comes in – or to witness a respected fellow vaper’s first impressions – watch hifistud’s “Leo unboxing and first look” video:


So … only one batt and atty. Although Vapin’ In the Cape does not yet carry replacement parts, Leo atomizers can be purchased from LiteCigUSA, MadVapes, eLiquidPlanet, and MistEliquid (UK). [LiteCigUSA and MadVapes have them on sale for $10; MistEliquid currently is out of stock.]


LiteCigUSA and MistEliquid are the only suppliers I know of who also sell Leo batteries: $20 and £11, respectively.


How the Leo is Wonderful

  • First and foremost is the vape: smooth, excellent flavor (hifistud calls it “lush”), thick vapor, and good TH. It is more similar to the 801 than to any other atomizer, but it is intangibly different. I think it is the smoothness. I could (and do) vape this thing for hours on end. The draw is slightly stiffer than most penstyles, but enjoyably so.
  • The size, shape, and weight are perfect … for me at least. I like the way it feels in my hand. I’ve always found my eGO-sized Elegant to be a bit stubby; unlike the Leo, the position of its button is not quite right when I’m holding it. The Leo weighs a bit more than the eGO/Elegant and much less than my ProVape-1. Just right for me.
  • The manual switch button is comfortable to press and engages flawlessly each and every time.
  • Like all penstyles, the cartridges are large and hold a lot of e-liquid. Frankly I’m not sure how much, but probably similar to the mega eGO carts. Personally I don’t care, since I always drip.
  • And notice the on-the-other-hand to the first “imperfection” noted below.

To see the Leo in action – and to hear the evaluation of another vaper – watch this review video by romastino:




Although I list several here, a few are rather trivial. Pay most attention to the first three.

  • The obvious one is that proprietary atomizer and a battery that won’t accommodate any other atty. As much as I love how the Leo vapes, I occasionally yearn for a more intense experience (i.e., more TH; the vapor is fine), such as would be provided by higher voltage or lower resistance. [What I do now when I get those yearnings is switch to an EM 801 on my ProVape or Cisco LR306 on my Elegant. But I keep coming back to my Leo.]

However this may be only a short term problem. If the Leo takes off and becomes fairly popular, LR and HV versions of the Leo atomizer – and adapters (for using the Leo atty on true 3.7V or HV mods or for other attys to be used on the Leo batt) – may become available.

On the other hand: I may be putting an unfair negative spin on what is the Leo’s greatest asset: a brand new atomizer that vapes great! [When the 510 was first introduced, perhaps vapers complained that it wasn’t compatible with the 801 or 901.]

  • The battery is not sealed, although I’ve not yet had any problems even though I always drip. [BTW, I’m finding that I prefer to drip on this while still using the filled penstyle cartridge, rather than use an 801 drip tip (which does fit just fine).]
  • Since the manual switch button engages easily and there is no cover for it, the Leo might very well turn on in a pants pocket or purse.
  • As mentioned, the USB cable is pretty flimsy looking, although I have not yet had any problems. And it’s been charging quickly enough for my needs.
  • Not enabling passthrough functionality was an obvious gaff, considering Leo’s charging set up. It seems that Boge quickly realized this and is releasing a PT version. Personally I don’t care; I’ve never liked passthroughs – hate feeling tethered.

I’ve gotta be free, I just gotta be free

Daring to try, do it or die, I’ve gotta be me!

[It’s not a DaBoomVape production without a song. Right?]

  • Continuing that self-assertive theme: To me, that top cap borders on the extraneous. I would have preferred it to be structured so that it didn’t have to be removed to vape, just like the cone on most fat bats. I suppose it does afford protection (of the atty, not the switch), if you carry the Leo in your purse or pocket.
  • I think the crystal endcaps are silly: bling is not my thing. [There is another song I could sing here, you know, but I’ll restrain myself.] I’d rather be able to sit the PV on end on my desk … as I do with my Elegant and ProVape-1.


All Things Considered

I am loving this thing! I’m not ready to commit to a monogamous relationship with the Leo (I have brief liaisons with a couple of my other devices), but it is my “go to” PV. It seems that most others feel the same way, e.g., vapourettes2020:


See also Jackal3’s equally glowing written review here on ECF.

If you find the size and shape appealing (as I do) and have ever enjoyed a penstyle atomizer (or just wanted something different from a 510), you probably will love it also.

If you do decide to take the plunge, I hope you will consider rewarding Scott of Vapin’ In the Cape for making this review possible. [And no … I don’t get a kickback; I’m just appreciative. EDIT: As of February 2011, Vapin’ In the Cape has become a VapingGuides supporting supplier. We now do receive a commission on sales stemming from our website.]


Thus endeth the sincere, serious review.


The Big Question

How is ‘Boge’ pronounced? I know it is a long ‘o’; no one has pronounced it ‘bog.’ I thought the ‘g’ was a ‘zh’ sound like the ‘g’ in luge … and the ‘e’ was silent. But video reviewers have been using a hard ‘g’ as in spaghetti: sometimes with a silent ‘e’; other times pronounced, as in Humphrey Bogart’s nickname or one over par. I really would like to know. [I am pretty sure that ‘Leo’ is just like the lion … or the sign of the zodiac: “Charismatic and positive-thinking they attract not only an abundance of friends and opportunities, but manage to survive life’s stormy times with style and good humour.”]