The Year in Review

December 24, 2010, reported by DonDaBoomVape

Wow! What a year 2010 has been for vaping!

The following is my attempt to put it in perspective. I’m sure I’ve missed some key events and phenomena … and I know there will be controversy about my prioritization. Feel free to Reply to make your own contributions and air disagreements.

Here now is my view of…

2010’s Top Ten Events in Vaping

#10: Judge Leon’s ruling … and the Appellate Decision

2009 was the year of the FDA report, Customs seizures, local bans, and a atmosphere of fear permeating our vaping community. We end 2010 with a spirit of relief and optimism, largely because of these rulings. And they are due, in no small measure, to the dedication of activist individuals and organizations like CASAA and National Vapers Clubs … and, of course, to NJOY.

One could make a good case for this being ranked much higher, but I’m committed on the top two spots and I don’t want this to be lost in the middle of the pack.

#9: Katherine Heigl vaping on Letterman

The segment itself – and the propagation of and commentary on it – have helped increase public awareness (primarily positive) of e-cigarettes. This one also represents similar media publicity. For example, Johnny Depp vaping on a train in The Tourist.

#8: Video reviewers/tutors … and blogs

There were video reviewers last year, of course, but only a handful of good ones with any kind of following. Now any listing (such as our own) just scratches the surface. Each has his/her own style and appeal … and many specialize (e.g., e-liquids, mods, minis, tutorials). And virtually all of the blogs emerged just this year, some becoming valuable informational resources. I list some of them in that same link. Oh … cyberwolf asked me to add this one. 😉

#7: New, improved, and/or enlarged cartomizers

Yeah, there were Kr8, E9, and GreenCig cartos last year – and they had a loyal following – but their taste and/or vapor performance left a lot to be desired. Now the Kr8’s have been dramatically improved: tasting better and putting out much more vapor. The CE2 cartos (which I think are a pain to fill) have captivated many. And, perhaps most significant, 510 cartomizers: Let’s face it; the 510 atty rules (despite that fact that it is not as good as the 306 or penstyle :D). And these have been tweaked along the lines of a couple of the upcoming events.

#6: Variable voltage mods

First the Buzz, then the Little Sister, Big Brother, FistPack, and VV options for existing mods. [See this page of our Mods Buyers Guide for pictures and links.] And already the next generation, e.g., ProVari and Infinity. To me, fixed voltage doesn’t make sense any more (at least in a mod). Why vape at 3.7 or 5 or 6, when the odds are that you will be happiest with 4.6V or 5.3V? And each atty and e-liquid (and time of day) calls for its own voltage level. VV has made its presence felt in 2010, but I predict it will take off in 2011.

#5: Juice-fed mods

Cartridges are ineffective in delivering e-liquid to the atty … despite all the modding (and many of us vapers don’t want to bother with such modding). Cartomizers are better at it – and they are convenient (other than filling them) – but many of us are just not that impressed by their taste or performance. Dripping works great, but takes frequent effort and can be very inconvenient, even dangerous (e.g., when driving).

The juice-fed mods wipe out all those problems. Carlos’ Juice Box emerged in 2009, but 2010 has been the year of juice-feeding’s proliferation: WetBox, MrPuffer, Phidias Woodimus Feedimus, Journeyman/Ali’i, Reo Mini/Grand, GG AVS … take your pick. [See this other page of our Mods Buyers Guide for pictures and links.] They’re necessarily bigger (and usually boxier) than PV’s of the same mAh or voltage, but some are quite beautiful and fit comfortably in the hand. Still mainly a niche phenomenon (like VV), they have such great potential.

#4: US-made e-liquids

Vaping now tastes good. There were a few US (and UK) juice mixers last year … but this year: over a dozen really outstanding ones. What a selection to choose from! ViZi’s database lists many of them, but there are significant omissions (e.g., Backwoods Brew and FreedomSmokeUSA).

#3: LR atomizers … and HV ones

Prior to 2010, you had to spend over a hundred bucks on a tube (and stack batteries in the tube) to get an intense vape. Now an eight dollar LR atty on a much less expensive tube or box – or on the next phenomenon – gets you tons of vapor and TH. HV atomizers give 6V and even 7.4V mods something to do without frying attys or burning juice. [I talk more about LR and HV in answer to this FAQ.] Also thrown into this phenomenon are the new or enhanced atomizers, e.g., my beloved Leo and East Mall 801 … and a special tweak of atomizers called “Cisco.”

#2: The eGO … and all the fat batts that have followed

Without question, the most significant breakthrough in vaping technology (not only in 2010, but perhaps since the invention of the electronic cigarette). The eGO/Tornado was first and deserves top honors, but many that have followed also are excellent. [I describe some of the fat batts in my eGOs and Rivas, Hellos, Oh My! article … but I can’t keep up with such as the KGO, at least two different models called “VGO”, and “eGo” knock-offs.] There now are suppliers (e.g., BreezEsmokes) who only carry fat batts.

The eGO et al also have enabled mega atomizers, cartridges, and cartomizers … and been the primary battery used with the LR attys. And the eGO and its spawn may be the single greatest factor in…

#1: The explosive growth of vaping

Not one single event, of course, but the most impressive and important phenomenon. Included in this growth are the number of vapers, suppliers, models, mods, forums (ECF is still number one) and sub-forums, and much of the above events. Vaping is no longer in its infancy, but has entered adolescence … and you know what happens then. We ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

So there you have it: My take on the most significant events of 2010 (not including the launching of VapingGuides, of course). Now have at it! Stake out your position.

Oh, God! I just thought of an important one (no two): adapters! And drip tips.

For a great many of us, a PV is not a single model, but a patchwork of: battery (e.g., conventional skinny batt, fat batt, or mod) … plus atomizer (not necessarily designed for that battery but made to fit using an adapter) … plus mouthpiece (cartridge or drip tip).

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