Vivi Nova Metal Tank Kit

Vivi Nova MetalThe Vivi Nova concept has become popular due to its ease of use and the fact that it also has easily replaceable coils.  The Vivi Nova Metal Tank from Viper Vapes is more of the same, but with a sharp looking metal tank.

Presumably the metal tank has been added as a feature due to the negative effects that some e-liquids have on the typical plastic tank.  Citrus and cinnamon flavored juices are among those that have been known to eventually crack a plastic tank.  Some of the smaller press-fit clearomizers also are prone to leakage using these liquids.  Enter the metal tank that overcomes both issues by not only screwing together securely, but is made completely of metal.

Though likely designed for function, the form comes out quite nice as well.   With its matte black body and chrome end caps, the Vivi Nova Metal is a very good looking tank.  A chromed drip tip completes the picture

Vivi Nova MetalOne of the highlights of the Vivi tank is how easy it is to use and maintain.  Both end caps screw off of the tank allowing access for filling, cleaning and coil replacement.  The caps screw on securely with unobtrusive 0-rings on the outside edges.  Removing the top cap exposes the top of the air tube and gives acces to the surrounding tank.  There is plenty of space between the tube and the tank walls, making filling easy even with a regular dripper bottle.  The bottom cap serves as the base for the center air tube and the coil that sits atop it.

A note of caution on filling and disassembly… as with many modular designs, it is just as easy to unscrew the tank off the bottom as it is to unscrew the top from the tank. ¬†Care must be taken to hold onto the tank securely when unscrewing the top for filling and to hold the bottom cap when unscrewing from a battery. ¬†Inadvertently unscrewing the tank from the bottom will result in a mess of e-liquid!

The coil assembly is sold as a complete head unit and the kit comes with two additional, each with its resistance printed on it. ¬†We’re glad to see companies doing this, as it can quickly become confusing to have multiple heads with varying resistances. ¬†Unlike earlier Vivi heads, these have 8 long wicks that reach the bottom of the tank. ¬†Heads screw easily and firmly onto the top of the center post.


The performance of the Vivi Nova Metal is good, with one caveat, much like other Vivi designs we’ve tried. ¬†When the wick is adequately saturated, it produces a nice amount of vapor and very good flavor, even as voltage is increased. ¬†The caveat lies in the fact that the unit must be regularly tipped on its side to keep the wick at the coil wet. ¬†This was an understandable need on earlier Vivis that only had short wicks, but we were hoping that the longer wicks would be able to pull enough e-liquid from the tank without tilting.

Some users have reported that fluffing up the wicks or untwisting the strands may help with this issue, and it does seem to.  Even with a relatively thin 80PG/20VG mix, tilting to the side seems like the easiest way to avoid dry, burnt hits, however.  A dry hit does not seem to cause irreparable damage and the flavor and vapor production come right back after the wick is sufficiently wet again.Vivi Nova Metal


The Vivi Nova Metal is a great looking tank that incorporates easy filling and the security of a metal tank structure. ¬†The vapor and flavor production adequately compensate for the need for a little ¬†tilting to keep the wicks wet. ¬†Overall it is a very easy tank to get used to and a good choice for new vapers and at only $11.95 it’s an economical choice as well.


Note:  The Vivi Nova Metal was received at no charge from Viper-Vape for the purposes of this review.  As always, we try very hard not to let that get in the way of an objective review.


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