FAQ: What is the best e-cig and juice to start with … and what should I avoid?

The answer is: That varies considerably from vaper to vaper. 🙁

For the heck of it, however, I’ll provide two other answers, if you promise to take them with many grains of salt: my personal answer and what I speculate most vapers would say.

My personal answer: A penstyle atomizer (e.g., Joye 302 or EastMall 801) on a KR808D-1 battery using a 901-to-801 adapter. The penstyle atomizer provides me with a more satisfying vape than any other atty or carto I’ve ever tried. The Kr8 battery is the only non-mod true 3.7V battery (starting out at 4.2V fully charged). And I happen to like the elegant length of the total package.

What I think most experienced vapers would say: The eGO (or Riva, Hello 016, Inferno, vGo, etc.), perhaps with the 900 mAh Mega battery and/or LR 510 atomizer or Mega eGO cartomizer. The 510 atty (especially Joye 510) is by far the most popular among forum members and the fat batts (as I call the high-mAh eGO-like batteries) have taken the vaping world by storm.

For more information on these two options – and another – check out The “Best” Electronic Cigarette (for a First-Time Vaper).

Some experienced vapers might recommend going straight to a mod, but I think that mods are better to evolve to. Settle in on your preferred atomizer and e-liquid first, then fiddle around with high (or variable) voltage, ultra-high mAh, and/or juice feeding.

As for the e-liquid, that is extremely subjective. Buy samplers and small bottles of both China-made (e.g., DeKang) and US/UK-made juice in various flavors. I talk more about that here. And see the next FAQ.

And, for what to avoid, certainly any of the overpriced, heavily marketed e-cigs or, heaven forbid, the “free trials” that lock you into monthly commitments. My own biggest disappointment was my one and only super-mini. For me, that was a waste of money. [Unfortunately, it was not a 306; I think I would have liked the atomizer, although not the battery.] No comparison to a 510, 901, Kr8 carto, or (of course) penstyle.

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