FAQ: Where can I get the best e-liquid?

We’ve listed some of our favorite e-liquid suppliers here. However, even more than the hardware, “best” e-liquid is in the tastebuds of the beholder.

[For background information on e-liquid (e.g., nicotine levels and flavors, PG vs. VG, and evaluation factors), see Part III of the WWV V2.]

Prior to 2010, the vast majority of e-liquid was manufactured in China, especially by DeKang. It still tends to be the least expensive and is carried by many suppliers. myFreedomSmokes, LiteCigUSA, and Cignot each have a very broad selection. [Cignot also carries VG versions of some of the same flavors.]

Back then, there was some UK-made e-liquid, e.g., ECOpure (also available in the US from Intellicig-USA and Cignot) and Decadent Vapours (also available in the US from Totally Wicked) … and US-made, e.g., Johnson Creek, NHaler, Ms. T’s Bakery, Vermont Vapor, and Walrus’s Mad Scientist’s Laboratory. Most were non-tobacco flavors.

This year, there has been an explosion of e-liquid made in the US by a great many independent mixers (now including tobacco flavors as well), often sold at reasonable prices. And most of what I’ve tried is quite delicious. Some of those new e-liquid creators are Alien Visions, Backwoods Brew, Cignot’s BASIC line, FreedomSmokeUSA [10% discount code: VGFSU10], Gourmet Vapor, Halo, NHaler, Tasty Vapor, Vapor Bomb, VaperRite, Vapor Station, and Viking Vapor.

Many more examples of China, US, and European e-liquid are included in ViZi’s master database. He provides basic facts about the offerings, e.g., bottle sizes, nicotine strengths offered, number of flavors (tobacco and other), PG and/or VG, cost per ml, and supplier links. Although some brewers are missing (e.g., our personal favorite, Backwoods Brew), this is the most comprehensive listing we know of.

Another approach is to use candre23’s “E-Liquid Cost-per-ml” list of e-liquid suppliers (with links to their sites), sortable by large-bottle cost, sample-bottle cost, or shipping cost. An invaluable tool for the thrifty juice shopper.

You can read and view reviews to narrow the field. AllAboutTheVapor, Basilray, GrimmGreen, and smokie are among the most prolific video reviewers of e-liquid. [NOTE: Many other great video reviewers concentrate primarily on hardware.]

We recommend that you start by buying small bottles from various suppliers [see the next FAQ].


  1. Laura Finley says:

    I don’t think that there is a ‘best’ e liquid as said above

    ‘”best” e-liquid is in the tastebuds of the beholder’

    However we all have our personal favourites – I like the unusual flavours myself and have tried some really weird flavours including strawberry and cheesecake. I think I will get into the whole DIY e liquid to try and create some funky flavours of my own. Any suggestions welcome…

  2. Donna Payne says:

    Currently, the highest quality e-liquid out there is Mountain Oak Vapors. This company uses American products only to produce amazing juice. I found them on ECF and I have been a happy camper ever since. Their tobacco line is phenomenal as well as their fruit and dessert lines. I prefer tobacco though and I have been on the lookout for a company that makes authentic tasting tobaccos. They’ve got it all and definitely have my vote for best E-liquid vendor. Their customer service is kind and helpful and PROMPT. I sent an email and had a reply within the hour. Shipping is very fast. You can’t beat that!

  3. Nicotine says:

    Honestly the best e-juice I have ever tried is made by juicy clear. The flavours are great and they have no questionable toxic garbage a lot of other companies put into their e-juice (especially the sketchy chinese ones with stale nicotine). I use them exclusively now.

    • Don says:

      I am not familiar with Juicy Clear. From its website, it appears to be a reputable Canadian e-liquid supplier. I don’t know of any “questionable toxic garbage” in other e-liquids, however. Toxic garbage is a distinguishing feature of analog tobacco cigarettes, not e-liquid.

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