Short answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

The following suppliers have sampler packs:

  • DIY Flavor Shack: $30 six-pack of 6-ml bottles (your choice of flavor and nicotine level)
  • EliquidPlanet [10% discount code: VGELP10]: various $20 five-packs of 5-ml bottles (your choice of nicotine level)
  • eSmokerOnline: various $16-$28 (six to nine)-packs of 24mg 5-ml bottles
  • myFreedomSmokes: $50 six-pack of 20-ml bottles (your choice of flavor and nicotine level)
  • Vapor Station: $25 ten-pack of 5-ml bottles (your choice of flavor and nicotine level)

Also consider any e-liquid supplier with reasonably priced small bottles, e.g.,

  • Cignot: $3 per 5-ml bottle of PG (26mg) or VG (various strengths) Boge e-liquid in myriad flavors.
  • LitecigUSA: $4.25 per 10-ml bottle + free shipping. They have a large selection of flavors.

To a great extent, that is a matter of personal preference. On some models (e.g., KR808D-1, 901, and 801), I prefer automatic, which work pretty well, whereas I do not like how their manual switches are implemented.

But, on the 510, Fat Batts, and mods, manual switch batteries are strongly recommended. On those models, manual switches work great and provide full control of the vaping process (e.g., no primer puffs needed and no accidental firings due to noise or movement).

Try to identify what might make vaping an even more rewarding experience for you. [Some of the following examples assume that you started with a basic 510, but the principles apply to any model.]

  • Less frequent battery recharging? – Investigate higher mAh batteries, e.g., the eGO/Riva/Hello 016 or most mods.
  • A different feel or flavor to the vape, e.g., richer/lighter, harsher/smoother, simpler/more complex? – Try different atomizers, e.g., the 306 (which doesn’t even need an adapter) or the 801 (my favorite).
  • As you browse other models, are there any that appeal to you aesthetically? – A PV doesn’t have to look like a cigarette, you know.

The WWV V2 might help you get ideas, e.g. this page describes (with example photos) seven different categories of PVs. If any intrigue you, you can find out more in the detailed Parts IV and V of the guide (use the Table of Contents as your guide to the guide) … and on ECF. And watch video reviews of the models in which you might have an interest.

And then, of course, there are all kinds of new e-liquid to sample. The choices today in hardware and the juice that goes in it are vast … potentially overwhelming, but exciting to explore.

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  1. Donna Payne says:

    Mountain Oak Vapors also has sample packs available in each of their signature lines. (Tobacco, Fruit, and Desserts) They even do a very special vapor pack deal (which I always opt for) where you can get big savings! It’s under Special Deals.

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