Ecigs at the mall

Once again, I have heard someone complain that a relative of theirs bought an overpriced electronic cigarette at the mall. Even after good advice had been given prior to the purchase, a poor decision was made. Some prospective ecig buyers are just more comfortable buying at the mall, I guess. I can understand the desire to check out a new technology in person, but at the same time I do not understand the willingness to discard advice and reviews just to buy an electronic cigarette locally.

It’s not that the typical electronic cigarettes available at the mall are universally bad. They are not. Compared to other styles on the market, however, they definitely score a below average rating and come at an above average price. Considering that many of the top-performing electronic cigarette models such as the 510, 801, 901 and eGo are available at less than half the price, far better choices can be made than buying at the mall.

Before making your ecig purchase, take your time and browse the many electronic cigarette vendors that can be found on the web with a simple Google search. Don’t be afraid to buy an electronic cigarette kit labeled simply with a model number instead of a fancy marketing title. And above all, ask questions on one of the many forums or right here on this site. Many vapers have made the mistakes you are seeking to avoid and will be happy to lend their vaping knowledge.


  1. xTrouTx says:

    I have never tried an E-Cig before and bought the Joye 510 on the advice of a co-worker. I decided on a kit to start off. This cost me 35 (+5 shipping). I also bought 5 blank cartomizers, PCC, and ejuice (which aslo included an additional free sample). This ran and additional 41.90. In total, I spent $81.90. Was this acceptible or could I have done better? Everything arrived within 2 day. So far very happy.

  2. Don says:

    As always, my partner has provided wise advice here. A word of caution regarding that “Google search.” Because of their mass marketing, a general search for “e-cigs” or “electronic cigarettes” will take you to the internet equivalent of those mall kiosk products, e.g., the ones Eric talks about in his “A few myths…” article. Specifying a model number (e.g., Joye 510 or Joye eGO) or searching within the forums will yield better results.