SmartCarts – An Improved Electronic Cigarette Cartridge

Smartcarts… well, maybe not smart exactly. To deserve the smart designation, one would expect them to fill themselves, automatically order more Backwoods Casablanca, or be able to fit into a parking space sideways. On the other hand, Modest-improvement-over-a-design-that-was-only-marginally-effective-in-the-first-place-Carts is really a mouthful.

These slightly more intelligent cartridges are about a half inch longer than standard 510 electronic cigarette cartridge and feature a .9ml clear reservoir that fits inside of the actual mouthpiece. The mouthpiece has a slot on either side that allows the user to see the level of juice in the cartridge. The delivery system is quite familiar, at least to those who have modded standard 510 cartridges. Simple fiber batting holds the juice in the cartridge and makes contact with the atomizer bridge. Utilizing a design that many electronic cigarette modders have found to work well, the batting occupies only the first section of the reservoir and leaving the rest free to hold as much juice as possible, adding to the vaping time between refills. The batting is glued in place on the prefilled Smartcarts purchased from Clouds of Vapor, making a fine tipped syringe necessary for filling. Once removed, it is easily replaced with fiberfill or blue foam. SmartCarts from GotVapes

What really sets these electronic cigarette cartridges apart is the performance. These are the first cartridges that have been able to feed juice fast enough for a low resistance (LR) atomizer. The vape with these cartridges is equivalent to dripping. And they perform this well until the cart is empty – another welcome improvement. All this flowing juice does not come at the expense of leakage either. After a dozen fills, there has been none at all.

“Smart” may be somewhat of an overstatement when describing a new electronic cigarette product that doesn’t have LEDs or wireless connectivity, but there was obviously some intelligence behind the development of these cartridges. They will make a great inexpensive addition to any 510 vapers selection of options.

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