The subjectivity of vaping

Coke or Pepsi.  Compact or SUV.  Mac or PC.  Steelers or Patriots.  Pulp or no pulp.  510LR or 901, mini or variable voltage mod.  Personal preference means everything and what to vape is perhaps the most subjective choice I have come across in a long time.  We all know that Nicotine is measured in milligrams per milliliter.  Battery output is measured in volts and battery capacity in milliamp hours.  Atomizer resistance is measured in Ohms.  That pretty much sums up the list of things that a room full of vapers can agree on.

It’s not that we’re a disagreeable lot.  Most electronic cigarette users jump at the opportunity to compare notes with and learn from their fellow vapers.  All agree that vaping is a Godsend for the smoker trying to give up a deadly habit.  We all love vaping and are passionate about it.  That passion extends to the equipment and juices we use and there is far less agreement when it comes to the details, however.  Some vapers prefer to be inconspicuous and use a small form factor electronic cigarette that looks like a cigarette while others will berate the short battery life of a mini and insist that big battery mods are the only thing worth using.  The 510 model is quite popular for its strong delivery, but many vapers find their satisfaction in the mild flavor of the 801.  One person’s great throat hit makes for ruined flavor production for someone else.  Juices broaden the choices even further and there are now hundreds of options.  Everyone has their favorite juice and supplier as well as a few they were disappointed with.  In short, discussions regarding electronic cigarette types, models, flavors and suppliers can get lively.

My point is that whenever you hear someone describe the good points or bad points of a particular electronic cigarette, vaporizer mod or brand of liquid, don’t be afraid to formulate your own opinion and don’t feel bad about the choice you’ve made.  If you like it, that’s what counts.

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  1. Don says:

    Excellent article, my friend!

    However, I passionately disagree with your comment about the 801: it has better flavor – and much stronger throat hit – than that 510 atty! 😉

    Gee! I guess I just proved your point.

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